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Does the patients, the one with the mouth open and the drilling and the and the droplets. Here's the bottom line. Eric Hanson I've shared with you. My operations director contracted covert. Um Eric, his wife, three daughters positive. Guess what. After a few days of being pretty ship. You know, they had fever a little bit of fever. They headaches they had, uh, cough. They're all feeling so good right now. That they could count conquer the world. There is nothing wrong with them right now. They've all had Cove. It And that was what two weeks ago. I mean, Eric was diagnosed. He took his test. I think 15 days ago, the last daughter to t take her test was 10 days ago, and all of them feel there is all these stories about lingering effects and you're not going to be able to breathe, And there's no doubt that there have been people that have been deeply damaged and, of course killed by this virus. But that isn't most people. Most people are are going to go through what Eric went through. And Gina and the kids. And God willing, what I will go through or you will go through. If you get it. You're gonna be sick for a couple of days and you're gonna get over it and you're going to feel great and you're gonna be fine. You're not gonna have trouble walking up the steps for the rest of your life. You're not gonna have brain damage. You're not going to be, you know. Baying at the moon. Every time the garage door opens, you'll be all right. And That's the vast majority of people will have that experience. So really, I kind of the dentist yesterday, and I'm so grateful to them and hey, they don't have the plastic shield. They got a mask. I don't She's talking. If she's got it, I guess I'm going to get it and I hopefully we'll be able to work from my kitchen for a couple of days. Be sick for a few days and then feel as good.

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