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It's just a cool story and as far as the mountain Gazette goes like, I want to make it for the people who subscribe to our magazine, like we aren't going to, we both had for for offers to sell it already crazy. Yeah, it is crazy. It's very flattering. It's cool. Makes me just believe in what we're doing. I've met with a few investors, but right now mainly mean, we're we're debt-free and profitable, ten months into this experiment and you know with Jason Leventhal as a pseudo adviser and he tells me all the time dude, what you're doing is fucking amazing and he's like nobody reads anymore that's what she tells me that nobody reads anymore but you're getting people to to read. I don't think that's so accurate but we did take a play on that and Shane McFalls. Designed a special sticker for all of our subscribers. An owl, it looks dead. He's holding a joint, I think. And he has the magazine and it just says I read. It's like the perfect laptops. Change the fucking genius. He's such a talented artist and I'm really stoked. I haven't, we haven't met worked together since our ski the East me had film days, way back when. But the angle is to you know, make the next one. Like I just told you like we're already talking about 196. I'm super pleased with the voices that we have coming in the magazine. I mean are the best you know. Jake who shot our cover is never been published before. You know like a huge to me. Literally like was uploading as high res images from a army base in Alaska where he was quarantining before he could go out and fight fires in Alaska and you're like yeah this is sick..

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