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Energy for 100 Michigan International Speedway. The cars now heading out onto the racetrack. It is a big, very fast two mile racetrack. Only take you for a trip around it right now, as the Drivers and cars making their way out onto it as well. Where to start over in turn number to explain it all Forest Dave like it did yesterday. Barry, Vermont's Dave Moody, Jeff, I'll Do My best. Thank you. And good afternoon, everybody from high atop turn to here in Michigan International Speedway. The numbers obviously have not changed since yesterday. Still 18 degrees of banking, the PJ one traction compound applied to the upper half of the banking here at M S. As exit turn to the banking falls away to just five degrees on the back straightaway way don't know for sure yet exactly where the group is going to start or where it's going to end up. Yesterday. At this end of the racetrack, nobody ventured up next to the outside retaining walls. A matter of fact, there were probably two unused lanes of BJ, one that never got touched yesterday. Whether it'll be the same today second verse, Same as the first are totally different. Well, it's part of the reason why we're here to find out. We'll cover it all today from high atop turned to Now to the other end of the property and killing Lee, Connecticut's Kyle Ricky. All right, Thank you very much, David. And good afternoon, everybody from my position just to the outside of turn number three. This end of s also banked at 18 degrees and what enough to raise three and four even five wide, if need be all Wayne's have been used successfully so far this weekend, especially the outer two lanes at this end closest to the wall. That is where that PJ one traction compound has been lady and can provide more grip than the bottom of the racetrack. Ultimately, there are plenty of options for these drivers race on, depending.

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