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Because now knowing everything that's come out about less. It's just like you really going to be up. I'll CVS being you know, what? Because he didn't get his sixty million dollars. She's got to go back to work. I would also lead in the other way. If I were Julie head, I would just call myself some other name and just hope that caught on. Hi, it's me. Julia burn. Hi, this is Julia Vinod. Good night. Again, we took a wild turn this conversation. I mentioned staying on the topic of scare mooching. At least tall seen. That's true. Tulsi gogo islands. I look forward to her on celebrity big, brother. Stabbing. Ross Matthew they're going to be able to do an entire celebrity big, brother. That's just twenty twenty presidential candidates. He'll twenty twenty presidential candidates. What if twenty twenty is actually just a season of drag race? Oh, sure. Better hawks. In the work room. Let's get thickening twenty twenty is so far away tear. God, I know it's so I just just starting. I now we haven't had any time to be disappointed in it yet. Camera Harris's running to Kirsten. Who has? I'm already I'm already tied too. Many name was say truly every democrat. I have heard of lake honestly like shares gonna run lady Gaga run just shooting give wait until Howard Schultz. Then you're going to get like our version of Donald Trump like Howard Schultz is gonna come out here. And and run like it. We got a we got a long long road. I can't wait to see was hunting says about our positive America segment. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We'll get back could cheat. It is weird. How we do ultimately crave. His approval even though we pretend he's just a nice fan. Anyway. A nice fan who's batted trivia. Oh, that's right. He he can recover their skills. Tommy. When we're back. We'll be joined by Nina, Parker of E news..

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