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I won't put a checking in an ATM as deposit. I don't drink box water. I never use a drive three drafter dry cleaners because it feels like somebody's coming out to take my laundry, which is what they're doing and the lights have to be soft. When I wake up in the morning, including here in the studio. I feel like I'm being interrogated an old episode of NYPD blue. Meanwhile, Mary's husband is sending our list of five hundred things that she does that. I just asked him. Can you think of one thing weird that I do besides sleep in the car? He's still typing. He's got like four turned into is morning project. This is the worst one you sign every document. I give you without reading are asking questions. I go signed divorce papers recently divorced is. He is that little typing text bubble just going crazy. No, he's sending me a little bit Modi's. Ryan nobles. Here's a few more from our listeners. I can't do ice cream on a stick. I've a sliver phobia. People have that with popsicles eight four seven without exception. I fly all the time without exception. I have to sit on the right side of the plane. I can't sit on the left side of the plane ever ever ever and eight four seven we're thinking about me, I can't get into an unmade bed. If it's messy after make it. I look at it. And then get into the bed. Because the sheets are kinda yucky. If they're left open. All right. Don't make me. Call your wife. What's the weird thing about you? The delicious probably so long. We wouldn't even know where to begin. I I'm trying to think up. None of these things are weird to me because that's just the way. Life is supposed to be right. Yeah. But you're old enough to get down to make fun of you. That's how you know. This all started yesterday when my son said you're a weirdo because I drink water out of a box box water. I'll drink bottled water all day. I just water out of a box. So these things that you know, our goofy. But they're your thing. Right. Yeah. I probably the thing is that in. I've got a pickup truck that I drive with some people. Find that surprising that I drove a truck. But it I'm like the only person that's ever in my pickup truck. So I'm not really worried about the garbage. So like if I mean, if I got a bag of chips or something like that. I just you know, throw it on the floor of the passenger side. That's a little thing. Hey. Random chance that somebody has to go for ride my pickup truck, which is seldom to never I it's a pretty embarrassing experience because I've got a quickly cleared out that side of the car, right? So they get end. So Anderson Cooper gets end. And he's got to step on your track. Would. You'd be surprised how many times actually offended by pickup truck at all? Right. CNN joins us big weekend. Trump tweeting, but what is the top story on a Monday. Well, I think the big story. I is this plane crashed in Ethiopia. There's a big DC angle to this as well. Because this is this is some you know, kind of shoddy fly by night airlines in a third world country. This is a bowling plane. This is the new version of playing that they have on order five thousand of them ready to go out the airlines all around the world, including the United States. So I think there's a huge US angle to this because so many people flying planes, just like this. And you know, there's a marketing angle to it as well as Boeing stock off big time. So, you know, I think there'll be a question here in Washington at the how politicians here react to this. Or they're going to call for some sort of a review of the way, these planes are made there's still a lot. What we need to learn about the crash itself. But there's also eight Americans that were killed. So I think that's going to have a big impact in and the other big thing is, you know, I think the president has put is not giving up on this border wall fight. I think there was some sense. Well, you know, if he goes for this emergency declaration that you'd be enough for him to tell us based if he's okay everybody can we get move onto the next flight, but he's set to unveil his budget in the very near future. And you know, we're being told that he's going to throw another eight point six billion dollars into that budget specifically for the construction of the wall. So if you thought that this issue was kind of bad. I think it's pretty clear that we're a long way from it ever being puts about I there's part of me thinks we built this wall and still be fighting about it for the next twenty years. No question. It's an interesting strategy though, when you got turned down for less money. So you decide to ask for more. That's kind of Trump in a nutshell, isn't it? Yeah. If someone tells him, no, yes for double. I think basically what it does is that Donald Trump used this as a winning issue for him in a twenty twenty election. You know, he does not feel as though he's been defeated. He's I think he feels in many ways that it can in him. And it's fired up his base base in order to win. And there's a poll out this morning from Iowa Opole or the weekend on the democratic candidates was pretty revealing. But I think the Republican version of it. They came out this morning is also pretty revealing Eighty-one percent. Republicans still support Donald Trump two-thirds have been said that they will vote for him caucus for him. If there were to be a primary, the only interesting sliver of this Republican, Steve is that forty percent of Iowans think it's a good idea for Donald Trump to get some sort of a Republican challenge. So even if they think they'd want to support him and they're gonna vote for him. They still think it wouldn't be a bad idea to take a look at the other model on the floor. So, you know, I think that this this border wall side, I think is an example, the president, you know, trying to get his base all locked in. So he doesn't have to worry about that next year. But that forty numbers interesting right because at forty number means one of two things either means I'm going to vote for him anyway. But at least this way, I see that. There is somebody in the race. Or it means specifically what you and I were talking about. And that is if there's an option if there's somebody out there that I'm not thinking of well, I'm I'm flexible, right, right? It's kind of like when you were in high school, and you know, you had a date to the prom. And you heard a rumor that there may be. Some other girl that wanted to go to the palm with you. And why did you pretty sure you like this girl they've already agreed to go to the prom with? But man, he's talked to this other girl and see what she's interested in. I think that that's absolutely the case. And so I think if you're rock-solid behind the president, and you're definitely going to vote for him. Why would you say, but it wouldn't be bad for another person to be in the race? I think that is a troubling sign for him because you know, conversely, forty percent it's a big number. But only forty one percent that he shouldn't have a challenger. And then the rest of the fields that they didn't know. So what do you kind of parsoes numbers even further? I think that's probably an alarming statistic for President Trump, especially when you know, everything else says that the Republicans are behind him solid. So it'll be interesting to see maybe he makes a trip to Iowa here in the near future. You know, it certainly what I think you're gonna see them attacking Eddie potential Republican challenger like Larry HOGAN from Maryland. Maybe John casick from Ohio somebody that is thinking about it. I don't think it'll be very long before you see the president. Doing everything he can to quell any kind of uprising within his ranks. Yeah. Mostly concerned, we have a huge audience in Iowa. And I mostly concerned you call all of creepy high school boys didn't say that. I didn't say that myself. Not exactly. Exactly what you said. Back to this airline story for just a second the seven thirty seven acts eight is a brand new plane and have two incidents with this brand new plane a plane that is destined or scheduled or believed to be by way of momentum and sales the next great commercial aircraft that all the airlines around the world are going gonna run we know southwest. We know delta, we know United. We know American. We know they all flam what's the downside to parking him for a few days until we get some answers. Is it just cost? I think it's cost is the big one. But I think it's also a Boeing stock price. You know, I think that they can't afford to have a degree of uncertainty. That's connected to it that would force their stock price tumble, and then create more uncertainty, but usually the airline industry is super cautious about things like these things like this. And I think probably what going they're saying right now is there a PR not that there should be thought of in the light of public relations. But that's the way all these decisions are made. But is there a way for us to say, even though we we don't think that there's a real problem with this plan that it was perhaps an isolated incident. To this plane in Ethiopia that perhaps it would be smart for us. Just to say, let's ground them all for now. Let's figure out what happened in. If it's a real problem that we go through sticks all the ones that around the tarmac now in the five thousand that we have order, I think there's a possibility that they kick that step back. But there is a huge financial costs associated with that. You know, it's not a decision that's going to be made in the vacuum. But I mean, this is on the verge of being a crisis situation for not just blowing but for the entire airline industry. And I do think that they're going to have to be a serious, you know, conversation had and I and I think it could be a conversation. That's extended not just beyond the corporate headquarters of bowling. But it's something where you could see lawmakers get involved in a pretty short order you fly all the time. You nervous. Not at all. I it's funny. My wife is a very nervous flyer. She hasn't been on a plane and probably ten years, and I always tell her about how it's still be both safest form of travel. I I'm way more Makerfield better. But I always say that I there's way more risk for me on my drive to the airport in there is once I get on that plane. You know, accidents happen the problem with airline accidents is that when they do happen there catastrophic and, you know, off often always no survivors play in the grand scheme of things. I mean, we haven't had a serious airline a problem in the United States that led to the loss of life. You know since shortly after nine eleven so I think the airline industry is better at this than anybody in terms of transportation. You know, if there's a problem, my guess is that they are going to do everything they can get, you know, I think that sometimes because of the spectacle that's involved in a plane crash. It gets more attention than that it probably should you know, there's gonna be a lot more people that die in car accidents. You don't hear over the next twenty four hours and then died in that. A plane crash out to think of such calendar terms. But you know, I think as somebody that flies an awful lot. And I've been through rocky turbulence before. You know, I I feel pretty confident every time I get on a plane that I'm going to make it to the other side. And I I don't think I ever worried about it once. Yeah, I'm with you. I'm a I'm a pretty good flyer. But I feel badly for your wife and all those that aren't anyway, I feel good for young Ryan that there's only a handful of weird things that you do. But we'll find out the rest of the list and we'll exposure next week. I'm going to go down and talk to my way. I'm sure she has a long, and I'll tell you guys. And then we'll we'll get a perfect. Ryan noble CNN. Thank you, my friend. Have a great one. What's coming up at eight? Steve suspect who was involved in a shooting. The police officer over the weekend has been ordered held without bond and prosecutors are talking more about this weekend shooting as the police officer recovers we'll have the story at eight o'clock from the WGN newsroom, traveling northbound.

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