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So he has this whole infrastructure of people who are covering up his crimes to keep the paycheck's coming through. And yeah, I think the same goes here. They said, I think one person called to complain about him appearing at the club that day that's just upset. Announce to would be like, yo, I'm surprised, I guess, again because it is the the seller like audience. Yes, like, yeah, that appeals to. That's a gosh. What was this day is like if you don't stand on whatever we'll see. There is a great list that I found particularly useful going around of fifty-one comedians who never forced women to watch them masturbate and there's some great comedians on there. Who of era. Other shows couples therapy is on their brandy Posey Barbara gray lot. A lot of great comedians who you have Riley, silver, Missouri just heard last week, sir. Shaffer. Ashley beat a decent marrow. Alright. Although I know Merrill, he said he was into some scumbag stuff back in the day, not our shape. So there's been a couple stories now about a young folks, knocking mega hats off of classmates. I think this is an interesting debate because both examples of it happening that I'm aware of the students got charged with battery and like there is one in San Antonio, Wendy's, I think where dude, like ripped it off of a. And then and it was caught on video. He also I think dumped a drink in there. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And then in this case, a young woman named Joe and Butler could face battery criminal charges after she admitted to stealing maga- hat from classmate at union. Mine high school in El Dorado California. Why would you admit it? You ding Dong. But she was just like, yeah, I'm tired of having to go to class with people who are wearing what is basically a symbol of hate. And I raced When when. I can't. I don't know if I can disagree with that. Like if if people were wearing like Nazi hats, like you argument is like, well, just because I wear this doesn't mean there's therefore blah, blah, blah. But I think at the very least a school should realize that this is disrupting the student body by letting people wear the things. Yeah. I mean, I'm sure if some kid was rocking antifa shit. There will be some group shit heads who would try and fuck. Fuck with that kid same way. Well, I mean, look at look at it from this perspective. So like the schools already have a list of things because they're quote unquote disruptive to the learning process of what students can and can't wear Reich. Women particularly comes down on like like we're seeing more and more more and more young girls being sent home because they have shorts on or because they wearing tank tops that you know the schools considering that it's too revealing black women in particular, have had their hair police four, four ever. That's crazy. So it's like, you can't say that the school already doesn't engage in this. Kind of behavior read and it's like we are in a political climate where like if you were are from marginalized community, if you're if you're queer, if you're a person color, you know if you have a disability cetera, etcetera, etcetera. You the way that you have to navigate life is with caution. Yes. So for for these Maga chugs it's like, well, you know, I'm being targeted because you know because of my hat and it's like, well, you have something that you can take off for these people. They don't rate that is their existence is a target Ren and so like learn a little bit of empathy. Number one, it's like that that reaction that you have right there and then with like, well, I just don't think it's fair because I'm a white male and I like to be treated this way and it's like, okay, that right there. You've identified the problem now. Just extend that to people who don't buck look like you, right? Yeah. The white for Jila is staggering. Yes, but they have case they have to become victims of something for right to operate properly because they can. Just be full to look. Yeah, we, we're on top and I keep his mega hat on. There's really interesting conversations to be had there in like a really nuanced way. So I was listening to this guy, Michael Kimmel and he's kind of an expert on like on masculinity and he was talking about how like the promise of America or the promise of white America has slowly been stripped away because of capitalism because of these multi-national corporations, it's limited the economic freedom that white people once enjoyed..

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