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Wind comments by says. Welcome back to another episode angel clan. Thank god we didn't this episode literally thirty minutes earlier. I mean truly. You guys full disclosure. This was done ready to go sent to our producer and then the news broke. That arianna got married this weekend. So like emailed our producer in a paddock like halt upload. We have to redo the intro. Thank god we did. We would have been so upset if we had to wait till next week to discuss this. I know i mean here's the thing we honestly don't know much. The only thing we really know is that apparently got married at their home in montecito it was a small ceremony under twenty people just family and loved ones. Also keep in mind. This house arianna bought the house from generous and porsche rossi for a little bit under seven million in may and it's a very historic home. It's beautiful it has two separate. Barns that were originally built in england during the seventeen hundreds it was then dismantled and reconstructed in california as one home. So it's really a gorgeous place. I can only imagine how stunning even if a little bit. Minimalistic like quote minimalistic. How stunning the wedding must be. I'm sure it was absolutely beautiful. Yeah because they started dating january twenty twenty. They got engaged christmas time. So it's funny. I don't know if you feel this way or anybody. Listening feels this way. I knew they were engaged. Obviously what follows engagement is marriage. But i just wasn't thinking about it like the idea of arianna guerande. Getting married was nowhere in my consciousness. No i felt that way to just weirdly surprised when they announced this even though she was engaged i think the reason i was surprised also is because they started dating in january twenty twenty so they haven't really experienced life as a couple outside of the pandemic mean they obviously had a couple of months in the beginning but we know that they quarantined together. And that's when they got really close and they were engaged by christmas time. So i guess part of me was like oh maybe they might want to just experience life a little bit more outside of this bubble before the wedding but apparently from everyone that was there which is a very few amount of people. It was a beautiful ceremony. They seem very much in love. So i'm extremely excited for the two of them. Yeah it's interesting. I mean a lot of couples got divorced during this time because being together. Just show them so. Many things had been suppressing. In than i guess other couples this was really a time when their love kind of awesome. I don't know but she seems to be so happy with him. And as reading an article that earlier which we've known for a while that he's definitely not the type that wants to be famous but he like very much onboard for what comes with dating somebody of her fame level so if they're happy that's all it matters and i just. I'm so glad that we didn't upload a podcast and then this would broke me to very much so so in this episode we talked a lithium and john malini prince harry on armchair expert. The end of ellen in talked about shanna. Moakler and travis. A little courtney scott honestly. I think we had really good discussions. When i was listening back. I liked the conversation i liked them all. Yeah me too very much. And then in a second. I'm gonna tell you guys are highlighted. Black owned business but this month is api heritage month and so what we decided to do is for each of the remaining episodes in may. J. think is six or seven more episodes were gonna put three asian owned businesses in the description we put together a list of all different genres all different types just like really cool businesses that we really like and so hopefully by the end will be highly between eighteen and twenty one and then at the end we're going to put those in a highlight on our page so definitely check those out and are highlighted. Black owned businesses called the font home. It was founded by women. Morgan and is basically just curated beautiful. Homegoods artwork garden kitchenware. Really interesting cool things up. All the information in the description but it's the fond home dot com and then at the font home on instagram. Anything else you wanna add or should we cut to the episode. No cut to it okay. I'm going to put music. It's not an ad. Don't fast forward. I just feel like we need something to break it up because this is recorded now and everything else recorded earlier. Hope you guys love this one and we'll see you next week. Let's start out with the lithium. Mine and john mullany. I know it's all speculation but it's crazy that last week. We were just announcing the divorce in our here. That's the beauty of hollywood. My friend it really is. I mean like. I said everything we know is completely speculatory but according to a source close to him. This is very very new. They're taking slowly. They met at a church in la. And they i. According to what we read kind just connected in social circles a few years ago they were always friendly and when he had went into rehab in december i remember. She tweeted sending so much love and support to john mullany. You got this. Which i don't think anybody's ears in the time. Just because he's such a well loved figure in hollywood so many people you know fellow co stars fellow stars in general were sending him well wishes and then on monday which we had said when we were recording our podcast that night he went to city winery and it is. I stand up post rehab. Apparently it was very well received. He spoke about the intervention and the rehab experience and in terms of olivia. The only other thing that we wanted to mention this was roman us weekly article in two thousand fifteen she had done a conversation with the huffington post live and she was talking about john. She says quote. We read a wedding dinner together. And i was like. Oh my gosh do you and your fiance wanna go have dinner something and go hang out at first. It was cool. And then i kept going up to him at the wedding. Like so you having fun. I was just so obsessed with hanging out with him and talk to them and she also said that later she had sent him an email but he never email back. she's like. I might have gotten the wrong email. Probably that's what. I tell myself which is so minor. But it's just funny to mention you know. In retrospect while i absolutely love on things like that come out because the first thing that came out alluding to some sort of connection her friendship that they had previously was hurt. Tweeting her well-wishes dam. And while that's obviously so great. It was kind of par for the course for everybody at the time. You would be a little bit hard pressed to find celebrity. That wasn't publicly wishing him well just because he is so well known and so well liked so well supported that. Everyone kind of rallied around him. So that didn't really stick out to me the tweet but her talking about being a wedding with him in following around and not really knowing how to act within that is such a crazy indicator of what's going on now and that is i find often times when celebrity. Start dating like this. There is usually some precursor event. That has a funny story behind it. There is an i think. Oftentimes what happens. Is that once. They go public with their relationship and they're doing an interview one of them though mentioned it. It's not always that a funny anecdote like that has already been reported so she clearly said that very innocently. I mean he was fully married at the time. There was no mallon ten in her saying that. But it's so funny to look back on. Because i wonder if she and i don't the sound bad. I don't think she would do it in like this vicious way but i wonder if when she found out about the divorce was like hey let me shoot my shot. Well that's my question because this article says that they met at a church so it must mean that they reconnected church correct because they've already previously known each other so i wonder what that conversation was like in terms of them seeing each other at church. Because it's not one where they have to introduce themselves unless john plenty forgot that they had met at a wedding previously..

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