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NJ dot com forty five year old my cell Echeverria faces charges of terroristic threats false public alarm and child endangerment a student at Waukesha high school near Milwaukee were shot and wounded by police it happened in the classroom police chief Russell Jack the suspect removed a handgun from his waistband and pointed it at the officers an officer was forced to discharges firearm striking the suspect the student is hospitalized in stable condition no one else was hurt in her first UK interview prince Andrew's accuser has spoken to the B. B. C. on a special program called the prince of the app stream scandal for an hour Virginia's you freight talks on the BBC panorama programme she says at seventeen she was brought to London and instructed to have sex with Andrew I am for the people in the U. K. to stand up beside me to help me fight this fight not accept this as being okay this is not some sordid sex story this is a story of being trafficked the next step to see what if anything the royal house sold those on the back of this damaging interview correspondent Tom rivers in London prince Andrew has denied the allegations according to high speed internet dot com New York he is one of the lower dangerous states when it comes to online dating New York state jump from twentieth on the list a year ago to number eight this year experts say those who use online dating should meet in public places let their friends know where they are going to be on the land and if someone asks for money or personal info don't do it when news time twelve thirty so that very research.

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