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And help a lot of people said some guy named John on Twitter. But that's clearly indication of John on Twitter. There you go. I just I I would love to walk around her life for one day one day. And that's about all you could probably take moving on. Our next blind item from crazy days and nights dot net has to do with murders case. Yes. Every single one of us know about this investigation. Let me read you the blind item. Because murder has no statute of limitations. Police have reopened an investigation into these murders from over two decades decades ago every single one of you, and your parents and your grandparents know about these murders. Apparently, there was an accomplice. Okay. I think because I saw an interesting headline about this. And I didn't get too far into the article. But is it the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman? Why would you say grandparents are we really that old? Yeah. I was going to be like, Jack the ripper. Okay. Yeah. No, everybody knows about Jack the ripper. Hello Anyone two decades ago unless you're going. I mean, he could have if I remember that movie time after time. Yes. Remember that movie? Very well. In any case, filling the blanks here. All right. Because murderer s no statute of limitations beliefs. Every opened the case of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Apparently, there was an accomplice. This is interesting because apparently like the former agent or manager or somebody involved with the career of OJ Simpson is writing a book, and is alleging that there was an accomplice that has been the headline recently whether or not that has anything to do with anything. That's just been the headline that's been bandied about and I will say from the comments section of crazy days and nights dot net. That people are speculating could it be the older son of OJ Simpson. Or could it be a friend of OJ Simpson? These thoughts being bantered about it was not Kato kaylin not Kato camera now, he's smart enough. Exactly. Not that you need to be that smart. But he's not no. Do you do, you know? You can tell if Dolly Parton had a kid how because they're the ones with stretch..

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