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I've only dealt with him a couple of times TJ. And as a fan of cognac real fence say as a fan, I'm saying the precursor to say their gets to appoint where there's damage that's being created by what he's doing. Yeah. I think that's why we have to speak end Elkins become scary. And the beginnings the damage though as follow was as follows. One hundred tickets. They'll do you think. Brad. I don't think it's the followers. I think it's the actual president himself thinking that. Oh, this guy. Validates me. Hebrew that everybody. He's already. Then. Individual. I just feel like at a as a fan of like at a point. You gotta understand. There's there's a damage you can't come back from that. He will go damage from me and on a personal on a real personal level. I think the dam just me becoming from and I'm very privileged to have grown up with educators recognize that as a privilege. There's most people don't have God bless the misinformation and misdirection to me is very damaging. The fact that you go there, you make statements that are not based on fact, but that are based feeling and then you say you say Twitter Instagram feelings matter exact fat. Interview win. He said. Slavery. Yeah. Now van lake within the correct, very eloquent and the next and it'll be the next the envy was outside and women's family, right? No, we alway-. But when you Connie. Was calling knowing out word. No one TMZ. Don't do it. With me. Apologize to violate them. When he apologize. Jack. Layton, data me was real. That was also saying. I'm brother. Yeah. Because actually. County bigs up somebody like Candice Owens kinison was comes after me on Twitter. And then I go black, and then she called a nigger in a monkey from trader white supremacist white buffer because this is your Twitter is unfounded, right? Like, solely would take a person that I see a personal of of like white supremacist Neo Nazi motherfuckers, like proud, boy maga- fuck is becoming EMMY like you should be more like Connie. But that car fall not his fault as nine because they won't be like that. They're gonna find somebody else. A lot of slack for all his. It's not. But the reason why I have to have to give him summers as a business. Cousin? He is a grown, man. He's making choices. He's making choices to align himself with people who are are stead set or harm and people. Come you making a choice to align yourself with people and you're making your choice? It's not an intentional choice. But as we know what to come there pressure oppression? It's not about intent is about results. You got the best intentions the world the bro to fucking house pay with the greater. I think counties attention is. I don't want to see me with the stereotypical image of a black man is I'm free. I'm not sure idea black man on his maga- have any show you how much I'm not your idea. Or did that what the flag? Configure flax. He was trying this early. How did? Zealand traded fifty thousand we love Andre Andre Andre Wayne federal. I would be willing to bet and remember. Really? I'd be willing to bet that if you ask Andre thousand today about why he what confederate belt which he did twenty years ago. He would change his tune ludicrous when he was on a war t- waterhole confederate suit. And then he pulled it off. And he's pulled it off. He had the red black agree should under. I think as their idea with little John had the confederate flag burning on the cover April in that had a flag burning on the cover. They came. They did that after Andre ward. At the New South idea is that we from the south. But and you know, you could speak to a more 'cause you from Florida like. If you speak to you don't wanna hear..

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