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So there's two links. Distance section and a fully vaccinated section question. Yes. You haven't bought the tickets yet. No, I will. When you go online and you pick the fully vaccinated section. How did they know online? You're fully vaccinated. Well, my guess is you buy those and when you get when you have to show our If you buy them and you aren't you won't be allowed in Where could they put you in the unvaccinated section? At that point, they know you turn you around again. You're wasting your money. You don't have a ticket in that sector. You want a ticket? You can't see it because there's no like Excelsior passes on your phone, but I don't think there's like a code number. Something to it. Let you would scan or enter or anything like that number is I don't know. I would The emails included a link to like, question and answer any questions. Um, so, yeah, fully vaccinated in the distance section. There you go. I look forward to buying 58 minutes. Thank you. I'm excited by tickets to something. This is also knew who I was. Last time. I bought tickets to anything right? Pre pandemic is last time I went to anything plane tickets. Well, Yeah, I bought him for triple going to take but actually having traveled since The week before the shot Like two weeks before the shutdown. We were in Florida. Chris Brown on the music topic. Van Halen. He texted me, he said. It's Van Halen. Almost every song is loud and 100 Miles an hour. It's funny. There's there's also a Bunch of groups like Inhaling his high on the list for exactly that question. I think that was a family guy episode by the way, you might not put them as high on the general like if showing the Bulldog did a band draft, But then today, Windows down crank. It's a different rest. That's right. It's a different draft board. That's right. The different draft. Absolutely totally. But I'm not a huge Van Halen fan. But for the topic of Windows down, right, it's got to be loud songs. That's I said. It's not balance. It's not slow songs. It's got to be really headbanger. It's gotta be really something where you are. I mean, you are getting down to it when you are just bouncing all over the place. So Van Halen is a good one. Chris. Very good. I'm pretty sure that was Family Guy episode where Peter Griffin This is Right, 803 old 5 50 to join us. It's just It's an awesome show. It's my favorite show. When I try and work in family guy references any time into the into real life. It's like Seinfeld ate all three old 5 50 to join us. 8885 52 5 50. I tweeted out some thoughts about the bills and power rankings will share some comments on them. We get back. We've been talking a little bit of Football this morning. We were screwing around with unwritten rules. Since baseball has way too many, and we saw it again last night out silly. They are so silly, Unwritten rules and which board has it the worst and I just want to get to grab a line. Join us. We'll talk W gr got something to say..

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