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The announcement made on the governor's Twitter page. The Republican was an early adopter of wearing face coverings in public. You know, you're always simply dealing with trying to improve your odds. And when you wear a mask, you're improving yards. Odds dramatically. But that does not mean you. You won't get to wine. I taking a test earlier today as part of protocol as he was to meet with President Trump this afternoon when the president toward a manufacturing plant in Cleveland, the wine's wife also tested negative. President Trump has issued an executive order banning transactions with bite dance, the owner of Kick talk, and we Chat the company's heir based in China, and the president says that may be used for disinformation campaigns by the Chinese Communist Party. The band begins in 45 days. Beirut support manager among 16 people arrested after blast earlier this week that killed at least 135 people and injured 5000. Earlier this week. The president and secretary of both been consistent that we've reached no definitive cause for The explosion on that information is still coming in. We're going to continue to assess it. Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman the U. S military has sent a cargo plane full of food, water and medical supplies to Lebanon and tomb or expected in the next 24 hours and oversight board has demoted. Minneapolis Police shift Alfonzo Morales to captain after questioning how he handled multiple incidents, including ordering officers to fire tear gas and pepper spray of protesters demonstrating over the death of George Floyd. Former U. S ambassador to Japan Bill Haggerty and black activist Marquita Bradshaw will face off in November for the Tennessee Senate seat being vacated by Lamar Alexander. Americans listening to Fox News Is your retirement going is planned. If not, there are steps you can take today to get back on track. The last thing you should do is nothing. Here's David scrapped bestselling author and CEO of the Retirement Income store..

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