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Ran out in a five -four loss to the boston red sox is kenley jansen notches twenty eight save on just five pitches dave martinez kelly's he's really good hey we battle back like i said i'm proud of our bullpen we had six guys in there today that threw 65 pitches for six innings so that's pretty impressive unfortunately that bullpen was pretty good as well so we came back we kept it for a little bit and just couldn't score no runs no one after scored the fourth inning shifting focus to josiah gray's three plus inning struggle dropped him to seven and ten this season in just five and fifteen at home in his career day one of joint practices between the commanders and ravens a was literal battle of the beltways it started with emmanuel forbes and tylen wallace exchanging blows then mark andrews body slammed danny johnson in a separate skirmish ravens corner marlin humphrey practices can always get chirpy think but i it was really good that it didn't turn into a big gigantic brawl just got heated and then kind of died down which shows a lot of maturity on both teams that much we agree on says terry mclaurin you just want to protect everybody that's out here obviously they're trying to make plays we want to make plays that's but what happens in camp sometimes things get a little physical but you know it didn't get too bad so at the end of the day it's just guys competing read more on the chippy practice on wtop .com the mystics were off but agreed to a two -year contract extension with ariel atkins and the new york liberty handed las vegas its first home loss 82 -63 in cup finale rob woodwork wtop sports coming up on wtop the latest on the indictment in georgia will have the story it is now 1227 hi i'm rich mackenzie owner of metropolitan bath and tile i had a customer call me recently and ask if i could recommend someone that could do a small repair in her bathroom a little surprised at the question i said missus shepherd we've done two other bathrooms for you why wouldn't you have us do the repair she said oh my i didn't think you'd be interested in such small a job so it got me thinking i wonder how many other folks out there wonder the same thing well i'm here to tell you that at metropolitan bath and tile we love small jobs if it's in a bathroom we're happy to do it everything from re -clocking to a whole new bathroom it doesn't have to be a big job to make us happy small jobs are large serving our customers with honesty and MetroBath .com. That's MetroBath .com. Bathroom remodeling. It's all we do. After I lost my mom I lost my way then I found youth advocate programs yet behavioral services. health As a little kid I made some mistakes but I'm not a mistake. Yap gives communities alternatives to residential care youth incarceration and neighborhood violence after completing

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