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John sending from drew Grabow live, and whether you miss home like me or you just want to experience the true taste of Detroit. For the first time. The spot is D town bar and grill in the heart of Dunnington with the real deal Coney Island hot dogs made with national chilly hotdogs with natural casing from Dearborn sausage and wash it down with a good old fashioned pop like verners or all the assorted flavors. You can dream of. I'll be hanging out live Saturday April twentieth. From two to four pm as we celebrate the one year anniversary of detail bar and grill in the heart of Doney with over one hundred hundred choices available at every Walla. That means they're over one hundred different ways to satisfy your thirst and right now, you can grab any size fountain drink for ninety nine cents. So there's never been a better time to rethink your drink. Enjoy a classic like Coca Cola cherry, sprite strawberry or fused PT. Visit a watt today where you can get any size downton drink for only ninety nine cents. Gotta have a wa wa limited time only see store. For details. The job. Dow pound five to nine on your cell pound law. That's all. PTA Sarasota, Tampa Saint had now and ninety seven point one good way. She went HD two holiday Taylor. Saint pete. Unique convenience compelling conversation and the best afternoon entertainment. Conversation continues from the auto glass America studios. It's another hour of drew Garoppolo live. Around. Demet? We play yacht. Rock coming back into this show on Friday. Real nice one for your Friday. Careful out there. Don't drive with their four-way flashers on on me. Dump? Thank you. Zone. A knee. Give it to little river band. Joining us. For the. Seth and are doing that right now..

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