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Translate those odds in the simplest possible terms. What it means is a week ago if you bet around one hundred and eighty bucks on the Patriot signing Cam Newton. You could win a little over a thousand now if you bet one hundred and eighty bucks on the Bay Free Signing Cam Newton. You can win one hundred dollars. They are massive odds. The likes of which you would only see international tennis if there was thought the match was fixed. So why are we seeing all of this movement and all of this momentum potentially towards Cam joining the Patriots they answer is unfortunately much to my morbid depression. It makes so much sense from the Patriots perspective. Who are their options other than their current quarterback depth chart? Which right now is the worst quarterback depth chart in the entire? Nfl All thirty two teams rank them the team with the worst current quarterback depth chart is the New England patriots. Their options are trade for Andy. Dalton he has seventeen million owed to him trade jacoby percent it's a more palatable contract but because the contracts so palatable you would probably have to give up a legitimate draft resource or sign a quarterback better than Dalton better than Jacoby and have to give up nothing and you get to negotiate your own contract in Cam Newton on Cam side of things. Why does it make sense? Well who else means a quarterback Washington? Maybe but they traded for a different former Carolina Panther in Kyle Alan. They still have Dwayne askins. Obviously I don't know if GAM wants to reunite or with Ron Rivera that then leaves New England and Jacksonville and Jacksonville is still run by Dave Caldwell. Even though Dom goblins gone still coached by Doug marrone and they still have no. Kojin often to plan. So I'm Cam Newton the Patriots. Make the most sense. If I'm the Patriots. Wild Cam makes the most sense this makes sense for everyone can go except.

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