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Jillian Kimberly Guilfoil who is? Fox? News personality she's on. The. Five yes you worked with her at. Fox, News She's. Now dating Donald, Trump junior and she gave an interview on the radio. Were among other things she talked about her relationship with. The mayor or. Former mayor of San Francisco current Lieutenant, governor candidate for governor Gavin Newsom and she said Gavin, was, not as far left as? He? Is now sadly now. He's. Not under my tutelage and influence strayed Straight. And more ways than one the Fox News host stated that she has always been a conservative, and was initially drawn to nuisance business. Acumen quote he was a businessman we were involved in, businesses together so I liked his approach he was. Very, pro business very pro small business I liked that he wanted to be in public service like I. Was she stated that since then Newsom is moved, further to the left than she, would like quote I don't like his. Position on guns all that really, wasn't an issue, when we were together but he's really taking a hard stance. On that obviously he's been very, aggressive as, it relates to the. Wall and President Trump and, that, type of thing Newsom who's become a leading advocate for gun control. Lending his support to assault weapons bans and other forms of gun control the, gubernatorial candidate also routinely calls President Trump racist. Been called them, to resign after the now infamous asshole controversy when asked. About, her new boyfriend Donald Trump junior Guilfoil called him The number one an up cut up and coming political figure. On the right the as compelling political voice he's, incredibly bright I've seen him at, these different rallies Kilfoyle said he's a. Person that people can understand he's, very approachable he's, very relatable and with his background and his interest in addition. Guilfoil stated that Trump junior is, the base, of the Republican party I, don't know if America's ready. For another Donald. Trump well we're not even through the. First term, of the first one what's he going. To run for. Congress in New York Senator governor you'd have to beat. Half the, cast of sex and the city if he's going to do that That's true Yes sir I, guess. Gavin, Newsom, Well I I guess TV in California politics though. Now you have to be so far to the left do you have you experienced this where? Someone has changed their politics based on who they're dating, because, I. Think that there's, a. Lot, of, truth to Completely change? Their personality is when they're dating it's it's very annoying People like Plato. Sometimes yeah I can be molded. Into whatever it is Obviously there's. Other issues. Happening oh yeah politics their close. Their religion, right very malleable it's four fifty four. On, the drive home talk radio seven ninety KABC I look the beach. But I'm. Really afraid of sharks I. Mean, if, I. Look this good you, know, pretty delicious..

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