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The healing power of music, and for many foster kids music might be the only constant that they've had in their lives. For Pearl Jam guitarist, Mike mccready, it's been a lifelong passion. So as Cairo radio's Ursula ROY team tells us he jumped at the chance to help some aspiring musicians producers song. As the guitarist for Pearl Jam Mike mccready is in his element. When he's on stage with other members of the iconic Seattle rock band. But when he invited five young aspiring musicians to Pearl Jam studio to create a song McRae admits. He wasn't sure exactly what to expect. I didn't know what I was gonna do exactly or slow when I got there because I didn't know what they can do or what their strengths and weaknesses or what mining were, you know, for many years mccready has worked closely with tree house, a nonprofit whose goal is to help. Give foster children the opportunities and support they need to become successful adults all five of the teens. He was going to mentor had experienced or are still living in foster care when Sergio arrived at the studio that day he was a bit starstruck. Which is seeing him at freaked me out a little is. I was so happy. Ricardo also had to calm his nerves at the beginning. Okay. So I don't know what that is mccready says the young men came to the studio with all the ideas, he just helped them shape, everything into a working piece of music and with his mentoring. It only took a couple of hours before Ricardo was beat boxing and playing the guitar on an acoustic hip hop. Valid called try so hard..

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