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Men's warehouse which is a pun which henry alert in philly i can't believe that blew your mind so big deal i am i am not rochester big and tall solely and forever coal congrats man i want you to get a pitch work for them and i think it would be incredible i would love to but you scoff of course kessel because you didn't do the reading but look at every many cases of hugh afo activity bigfoot poltergeist activity are often all wrapped up into one you look at the bridgewater triangle you looked at what happened with mount shasta you look at these a lot of different places skin walker ranch has been same activity cryptic ufo alien stuff of and ghost activity all smash together in a big goal comb bottle i just do realize activity i didn't realize the sasquatch the men in black were do oh that's a that's a movie i'd see definitely a movie i'd see but yeah all this stuff shows up in when you have flaps occur flaps that's that's like the term for when like ufo activity occurs in one location for like an extended period of time it's also the sound ones stanton friedman runs up a flight of stairs not to malign stein friedman we had them in the show he's a friend of the show now you afo flaps i remember bingo wings bingo wings mccall those ufo flaps from now on even though the salem witch trials were almost certainly just massive steria coupled with people yes anding each other until guy got crushed with a big rock yeah isn't it more fun to think that maybe just maybe sasquatch was there to come on guys on with it everything's esque watching series of horrific historical events and it would make them more fun story and then at the end at the end add incest watch was there too yeah and it really cut to trump kim jong hoon talking north korea capital like all talking stuff cut over bigfoot making pad tied nasa two also one of the secret service members now it seems that man in black activity either died down or went completely unreported in the eighteenth and most of the nineteenth century and while it could have just been that we finally moved past the witch hunt phase of western civilization i mean the literal witch hunt fe horrible stuff something interesting happened near the turn of the twentieth century although they were not traditional g manhattan suit men in black ib's started popping up in scotland in england and nineteen one of women in scotland saw a group of ten men dressed in black seemingly performing a ritual around a coffin on which a set of bagpipes laid i think this reminds me of like naked gun where he shoots a bunch of people who are performing shakespeare in the park it was just a funeral a funeral yes absolutely they could've just been very into the bagpipes because all takes us for one man me like be me with me sure to win black you elect to see it 'cause it's slimming three years later strong poltergeist activity broke out all over the british isles and four people spontaneously combust it in the year nineteen o four alone and a year after that a young girl was visited three nights in a row by a man in black the girl said the man gave her a message that she dared not repeat an experience that was echoed half century later by albert bender but also most of scenarios most of doctors scenarios there is normally in the stereotypical duchess narrow there's a section of the scenario where they are given secret knowledge and aliens are like well you can you can't share this with anybody and will know because what we're ailing yeah they they know a lot so what happened that the turn of the twentieth century so what happened hopeless what they are well it could be that one man is responsible for all of this or at least all this beginning there's one man who may have opened a door just a crack at brac adore that may have somehow been shut by persons unknown two hundred years earlier in the man who may have reopened it okay is alastair crowley dude dude that's him playing the bass complain natal base we can cooler shit naked from the waist down completely hard beautiful head with the.

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