North Korea, Kim Jong Un, Alan Johnston discussed on BBC Newshour


In tiny apartments on the floor above they live and work in this concrete yard because there's money in it we asked whether it's possible to reduce the wells vast quantities of plastic production more people have been killed in antigovernment protests in iran now in their fifth day and on new year's day a message from north korea this is on him gone without a single she not put it comes with a warning kim jong un tells the world he has a nuclear button on his desk all that and a lot more after the news bbc news with soon montgomery iranian state television says ten people were killed on sunday as antigovernment protests continued across the country when the demonstrations began on thursday they were focused on economic grievances they've since become more political and there have been demands for an end to the clerical government are middle east analyst alan johnston reports the new casualty figures came in a state television report on the latest unrest it told to have one incident in which armed demonstrators fired on and tried to seize security force bases but it didn't say wear that took place the violence went on despite an appeal for calm from president hassan rouhani in a fresh statements he said that the nation would deal so with those he described as a minority of law breakers president trump has again commented on the iranian crisis saying in a tweet that people there were hungry for freedom north korea's leader kim chungnam knows warned.

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