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And the time when he worked undercover in a prostitution sting, it led to several arrests. Then there was a story win late one night, Vincent Southam in the street because he looked like a domestic violence. Suspect. The police were looking for Vincent asked for the man's ID and social security number. And when both of them appeared fishy, Vincent brought, the man into custody, it turned out that the man was wanted in Atlanta on homicide and cocaine charges. The Nashville PD presented Vincent in a ward and sent out a press release commending his work. On the case run surpassed the national chief of police said, quote, officer hill, tremendous job following his instincts. This is just great police work. If there is a crime is gonna find it. If you ran, I was gonna chase like it's like a dog sees a cat. It's going after the cat. I mean, I was that guy man tracking down people's like the only thing I've been doing for the last fifteen. You know, years his investigating stuff and he I, I love it. It's like I can see myself doing anything else to be honest with you. Just couldn't. I. I wouldn't have the same passion for something else's would I do on a daily basis. But when Vincent started speaking up about the St. McNair case, the natural police turned on, they tried to discredit him as a detective. They point out that Vincent. I never worked in homicide during one press conference, a natural police detective called Vincent's work on the McNair case, nothing but innuendo speculation and gossip. The national police also pointed to an ugly incident that marred, the end of Vincent's police tenure, as I look through his police file. Another embarrassing story turned up actually, it was two thousand five Benson, a few of his colleagues at just arrested a home, invasion, suspect Vincent, put the suspect in the back of his car and stepped away for a few moments to speak to another officer. Yes, the third officer to keep an eye on the suspect for him. But the third officer was preoccupied filling out his own paperwork when no one was looking, the suspect, slipped his handcuffs to the front, open the car door. It came around to the front seat. Benson watched help. As a suspect drove off in his own car. The national police later apprehended the suspect, but Vince received a five days spent for negligence. The more incident, the incident, the Nashville police still point to came in June two thousand six Benson was pursuing a suspect in his car when his superior ordered him to terminate his pursuit. Benson told us appear that he was terminating the pursuit. But instead he continued a fall, the suspect into another county only with police lights turned off. Then later Vinson was accused of line superior about this obeying orders. The department was preparing to suspend Vincent for at least eighteen days maybe more when he decided to leave the department in September, two thousand six. With the case, still pending Vincent told me that he left it apartment due to personal reasons. He was in the middle of splitting up with his second wife and his daughter from his first marriage at come to live with him being a single dad, who's a police officer who works three to eleven, and you have a ten year old at the time, staying at home buyer self to like midnight doesn't become something you want to do too often. So. It was time to just become dad, and it was just time to close that chapter in my life. During his exit interview, Vincent told the Nashville PD that he was taking a job at the Dollar General vincit told me the applied for job at the Dollar General, but he said he never ended up working there. He couldn't remember why about six months later, Vincent send a letter to the Nashville police department asking first job back, but Ron surpassed the police chief turned him down in so Vincent moved on. He told me that he worked for his family's trucking company for some time and then became a fraud analyst for data company. That's what was doing which Stephen near Jenny Kazimi turned up dead on July fourth, two thousand nine. I don't know if instant start investing in this case to get on TV or to make money. Maybe that's part of it, maybe not. But I do think he saw Stephen nears death as an opportunity, an opportunity to flex his investigative muscles. Again, get back to his glory days when he's chasing down bad guys. That's much more exciting than working office job working at the dollar Jenner. Vincent told me he's been investing in your case pretty much continuously since two thousand nine?.

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Vincent Southam, Benson, Officer discussed on Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan

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