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Knows those guys. Let's now start bringing a situation where you know what. It doesn't have to be just tennis. Where yeah venus and serena. We already know who they are. We don't need to accompanied their names with their their first names with their last names now. The starts to move into a different spectrum of sports to where we start. Building brands for females giving them opportunities to build a brands was advertisements. Endorsements off the field for women who don't play a sport like tennis who don't play an individual sport like golf all of a sudden now mainly we can go ahead and start building the wnba the women in the wnba so they can have the same opportunities college athletics. I'm telling you introducing named image and likeness. This should help this cause because now it gives these college basketball players. Give these college Female basketball players and softball players in volleyball players in such now an opportunity to get out there. Because as i mentioned before when i spoke about named imagine lightness permeating do college. Athletics in how we could be making a bigger impact with the female athletes. It could with the male athlete y. Because sex sales. And if you can put a female college volleyball player or swimmer or basketball player or softball player if you can get them the model or if you can put them on a poster or you can put them on a calendar. Yeah it's at Can i know sexist in those types of things. Yeah maybe but again. As i mentioned before itself in women can use that to advance their to open up doors for them to market other things. A pretty young female never hurt nobody. A female who was highly attractive. Never hurt nobody. It never hurt them. In terms of trying to get endorsements in advertisements so yemen the females at the summer olympics rocking and rolling. Getting it done. And i'm happy for him. I'm happy for the. I'm happy for the movement. Works hand in hand with everything else off the court on the court off the field off the tenterfield off the tennis court on the tennis courts every aspect. Women trying to get better women trying to advance women trying to get that respect all of those things. The women now showing as athletics concern that. They're on the same. Par in even greater as far as excess is concerned with the males. It's only going to open up more opportunities for equality in advancement when it comes to women all over. This world.

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