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Five eighteen Brian combs in here. So we got a police, captain in trouble with the feds here. There's going to be an announcement later today that this police captain is facing some kind of federal charges. We don't know the nature of it, though, there has been a great deal of speculation about the activities of captain Mike Savard, who has been on leave for a while. Now it sounds like since we know that there are going to be a agent from the IRS at the news conference that he's got some kind of tax trouble. Or maybe it's something related to overtime the police officers have worked and tips that were paid. Then went unreported. So it sounds like there may have been a some type of scheme to avoid having to report extra income. To the IRS and pay the taxes on that now that he may have been involved in. We don't know if any other officers are involved, but since he was in charge of the program, you'd have to think that maybe some others benefited as well. Perhaps, the feds have turned them on their captain typically how this works when the federal government puts together a case they've pretty much got it wrapped up the time that they come the present the news conference, so we'll see it all plays out a little bit later this afternoon. In the newsroom album. Talk about this serial killer that has confess apparently to murders in the tri-state FBI says he may be the most prolific killer ever in the US. We'll have more fifteen minutes. Newsradio seven w.

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