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Will mean something bigger in the long run. I really do. I'm really hoping so another. There are some people that were just never gonna reach never wanna region. I have to just be okay with that. They're going to be some people that are just determined. Suggest have the things that they have and not see further than that. And that's fine. That's fine you can't you can't say everybody. Essentially you know. But i do hope that the vast majority of us are able to walk through this in all of its paid in a guinness income. Alah better understanding as people all right. Well they continue on in this conversation. Tiffany and claire to talk a little bit more about the game and in particular. That claire is going to campaign against xavier. I believe tiffany In fact there's extra reason to believe tiffany later in the night. When she says she would love for clara to succeed in her campaign Because again she can't be responsible or taking xavier out but if anna aasa island decided they wanted to do that very these so they talk a lot about xavier how he needs to go and different things that players going to use campaign against executor during this conversation during all the crying First of all there was a funny moment where tiffany was like Talking about how how strong their is and how wonderful she is. The queen from queens. Can i tell you. I live in manhattan. Like not that. Not the borough switched. Wow she's like. Can i tell you something. I'm not really twenty. Two is funny but at one point during this as their sobbing in each other's arms Oslo waltzes up. Hey and she slowly closes the door and she walks away.

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