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Okay, so I guess I could see that in theory because not every single team that uses a fullback, right? So there's only ten to 12 teams maybe that roster, a fullback, but a lot of those teams already have a fullback in-house that they really like. So they would have to put that guy and bring in yakub Johnson. To me, the other element of it too I believe in the language is kind of weird, but I believe if another team was about to offer him the Patriots could swoop in and protect him with the international pathway designation. So he wouldn't be eligible to play this year, but they wouldn't lose them. Like, I think that there's a way that no matter what happens, they don't lose them. It might turn into he can't play this here, but they can keep him around no matter what. So the tough part that I have with Jakob Johnson cutting Jakob Johnson is we've talked so much about how important the full back position is, and he's a good lead blocker. He's a solid he does. He's not James Devlin, but he's very good at what he does, exactly. And with life without hunter Henry this summer has hit with the Patriots, especially if it's going to be Cam Newton at quarterback 21 personnel is going to be a part of this offense, right? They're going to need a fullback in this offense. If they're not going to be able to go full 12 all the time because Johnny was nicked up or hunter Henry's nicked up and those guys are gonna miss games. When those guys miss games and they only have one true tight end that they want to use regularly, whether it's Johnny or hunter Henry, they're going to go 21 days. That's going to be first quarter first drive opening drive. It's going to be Jakob Johnson and Damien Harris down your throats. And they lose that entire element if they go that direction, could Devin osteo or Johnny Smith or 6th offensive lineman, recreate the fullback position. We've talked about linebackers, potentially playing fullback or whatever the case may be, right? Right. They could technically recreate it, but he's really good at what he does. Jakob Johnson. And we've seen with cam last night, tons of 21 personnel, right? Fullback lead, fullback draw, all these types of plays with the Jacob involved. So I find it hard to believe that they're going to walk away from the full back because it's just too it's too consistent of an offense for them. And then you have to put into that also that hunter Henry and Johnny Smith might need to be managed and I don't know. All the snaps being 12 personnel might not be as much of a thing as we thought it was a couple of weeks ago or a couple of months ago. Look, I didn't love leaving Jakob Johnson off. He was my 54th guy. I could be convinced that did he stay..

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