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Please enjoy our live conversation with the founder and ceo of magnitude are capital alec widow wits moderated by ivs director of strategic relationships that sarah zapped for more information and to attend large events near you please visit vcom this episode of the ivy podcast is presented by smartwater what makes smart water so smart it starts with a little inspiration from the clouds nature's pure source of water smart water copies those of you wait clouds in creating favorite is still pure cure perfection smartwater also has electrolytes which helps give it that gleamed chris paste clouds will always be the inspiration since the waters vapor distilled for purity garrity you can taste attrition you can feel jews smartwater or smartwater sparkling today in at your local retailer i am so excited tonight to have alec and i was i mean you read us by opening your i'm pretty impressive guy and then earlier this week i had a chance to sit down with him and his team and we were just gonna kinda touch base and it turned into this to our breakfast where i was so blown away by his passion and his inspiration i can't tell you how excited i am to be able to share with you uh his story tonight he is the ceo and founder of magnitude are capital small little hedge fund about fourteen billion under management is when you taken that number for a second we're teen billion under management he started off at jp morgan and he was with the dell for years and growing that out but one of the things that i find so impressive is his commitment to financial literacy and really helping people and especially kids understand that and he's built a great magnet are capital you of chicago.

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