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Hey there, this is Dale and I'm just tickled to death that you took a little bit of time out your day to spend a little bit of time with me to talk about our favorite things and self-publishing books. And you know, I don't say this enough, but I appreciate each and every single one of you that it's taking a little bit of time out your day. So with that being said we're episode 76 of this freaking podcast. I mean we've been going seventy six weeks straight. So that's freaking awesome. But without any further bloviating cuz we got a lot of ground to cover today when it comes to self publish books online. It can be so stinking overwhelming. There's so many options. We're not really sure which ones to go with what's the pertinent information that we need to dive into to get started, you know, is this going to be okay for you or is this going to be okay for me? Well, that's why I'm kind of demystifying this process and this is why we're working on a 15th straight episode has self publishing a book online. The solution when it comes to publishing to various platforms can be found through what's called aggregate publishing how to aggregate publish your works like this you upload your content to a given platform. That's an aggregate publisher. Then they send it out to various Avenues to say places like Amazon Apple Barnes & Noble Kobo Google Play books. So on and so forth rather than having to go to each and every single one of those Dash boards and uploading each one of them individually. You can just do it through one and I guess what your CPA is going to love you to the end of the year because you'll have 50 different w-9s to file with them and it's only just one that you can have to worry about. We're going to be talking about aggregate publisher today known as tab Volvo. I'd heard about Tableau a few years ago. When the MacMillan publishing company known as pronoun went out of business pronoun was an aggregate publisher and it was great. I really loved It actually brought me at a fair chunk of change and was distributing some of my stuff over to places like Google Play books when I couldn't do that. So I was looking for some solutions wage in Tableau was one of them but had a little bit of a hang up and you going to find out why a little bit of a hang up in just a second here. That's not to say that tableaus bat. Don't tune me out because that's actually pretty good news full disclosure. I'm just curating information here. So don't shoot the messenger have never used any of this stuff. So anything I say is an opinion when I say well that's good or that's bad. It's just from the outside looking in that I'm saying this I can say for sure I can say for certain that the alliance of em, an author's very reputable company that it's a non-profit organization run by Indie authors for Indie authors. They fully vet different services and part of those Services is off. Watchdog service and they have actually given Tableau in excellent rating and they're even an ally partner. So that speaks volumes to what they you have and what they bring to the table just to kind of summarize before we jump into things if you listen to my episode about published Drive Tableau functions much in the same way, but there's some deviations there's some differences than what they have with published drive. So before we jump in with all that, let's break down each one of the things they do what they do not do is they do not distribute audiobooks. Just going to get that off the table get that out the way they don't deal with audio books whatsoever. They distribute e-books and print books. Now. I'm going to save some of the stuff for last for instance. We're going to talk about royalties and how it's all paid out a little bit later because wage They're all the same royalties. So for ebook distribution and it appears for ebook and print book that they have 35 online bookstores and they also feed out to scores of other bookstores online. But part of those bookstores include Amazon Apple Books Barnes & Noble booktopia never heard of them before wage Scribd Microsoft. I thought that was pretty interesting. I had never seen anybody should be two Microsoft before overdrive and another one called readings and then they just say home and More in quotations. I tried to track down there and more to find out what these other 35 different platforms were but I couldn't find a job information literally couldn't find it anywhere. You're going to find out why there was some issues that I had

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