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You need to read that manual cover to cover because only in exceptional person would know every detail tale about the fine automobile. They're driving around. But that's why I would take it to Roy. Because he specializes in Ford's and he knows that No no to somebody somebody and then when you finish reading that you get out that manual to your microwave and you know when you're done with that you go and change the all the clocks in America America than are currently reading twelve because figured out you change all those to the right time going to be an expensive Sunday seriously search engines you could spend forever learning about them. Also there's a great book called get rich. Click my Mark Ostrovsky and Jason. I want to put a link to all these on the show notes and the show is dated as eleven eleven ten nitty-gritty search engine nursery. So again we've got search. Engine for dummies by Bruce. Clegg a fine book. You should definitely own that book. I recommend you have that book there is get rich. Click by Mark Ostrovsky. Then there's how Google works by Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google. That's like the the Holy League grill. You want to have those three search engine books and I've read all these books and they're not fun to read but they're helped the you need to know or you could read our our book search engine domination which is how many pages John Roughly I mean. It's it's hard to under three hundred hundred three hundred pages and it's a lot of pictures to have you seen this book. Oh yeah a lot of pictures. There's a lot of examples it's loaded with over fifty examples or client case studies. I mean it's like screen shots. It's very easy. It's written for people like me where I'm reading the book and I'm going. There's not any pictures in this book. What's going on Jason? Can you help me and Jason. Jason says Jesus now I can't. I'm reading annual. Sorry there you know so. It's easier to read than the manual to a two thousand four explore Jason. I'm trying to put the pictures so our book is like the Barron Stain bears of of search engines. It's like Dr Seuss of search engine books. It's very easy to read. And you open it up to chapter two. There's a checklist there and I WANNA to get into the specific questions. Our listener has. Let's talk about headers and Meta Data John In our book all the rules all laid out there but we're the most people get it wrong as relates relates to Meta data and headers. What is he talking about? What is Meta data? And what are headers. Header is just like it's the title so think of it as a school paper. You know you have to organize it. So it's whatever is the most important thing I saw your head or would be like whatever. The article or that page is about K.. Then the content would be there and then the Meta data where most people get wrong is they. Just don't fill it out. So Meta data is what Google sees a essentially a synopsis. If you will all of that page so it tells Google and tell people that are googling if you ever see Google total men's haircuts and you see The title up there and then there's like one the two sentences that talk about that page. It's what you can expect to find when you click into the page Berge is the personal assistant. And the county de Chief of staff off for Bill Belichick and the New England patriots. He's also the man who lets us know. The bill check is unavailable for an interview. John Busy not tell us when he's not available. He's rejected selected US three times. Yes we love Bush guy and we talked about him so much. In fact we optimize throw him so much that now if you Google Search Berge and right now Berge Berge. If you're out there Berge Berge. You're right now and you Google your name..

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