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I still think that are better but it Sam Kerr and why can't why don't you lack this gene that allows you to just enjoy a great player. Scoring a great goal. I have cast line fault and yes oftentimes. A goal is scored because somebody else screwed up but like I I don't know take some appreciation of a great player. Having a great moment it's growing up with Alan Hansen Ryan who was the best defender of his era being a pundit on T._v.. For like twenty years and he always breakdown a tale of defending now. It's just like I don't know that's where it comes from a lot of proper running and everyone who showed up to the game at the weekend that was awesome good stuff good stuff <hes> before we get out we do have five stars five years recited. I'm really excited. This was following L. classical in April twenty seventeen. I believe <hes> A- An amazing <hes> the Euro Madrid won the league my favorite out SASCO game but Barcelona won this game and incredibly dramatic fashion and Ray Hudson was just he basically even by his own standards. It felt like he really lost sight of himself that day <hes> so so we came back in and play a game <hes> which I think it will be explained in the clip here <hes> but we played a game sort of at raise expense although we came to find out that he can be heard it he contacted us and he said the two guys were just having great fun on grants so here has this was this was a really fun one. This is our five stars five years memory the week here's your five stars for five years memory of the week on caught offside ready to play a little game account wit. It's called Ray Hudson multiple choice what we're GONNA do is. I'm GonNa play a good title. I'm GONNA play for you. The beginning of a Ray Hudson insane comment and then it's GonNa stop and I'm GonNa give you multiple choice and you have to tell off awesome which one it is that he says next this. Do you ready all right this. This came from rocket pitches goal here we go turns into an absolute blue is it a Harpoon strike be Howitzer or see heat seeking missile howitzer sales it on his first try. That's because I'm a military history. Both all right we move on now now. This comes from the immediate aftermath of Hamas Rodriguez equalizer here we go like is it a a ghost out of a thick Scottish fog be a galloping stallion sprinting down on the home stretch or see a gift from the heavens right in the nick of time from the Scottish fog Scottish Eddie gets me much yet I would. I would have said he was smoking like a baby. Maybe I assassin or just kind of don't try to be right. There's only one ray Hudson. Don't try to come up with your own shy sneaking from a crash an expert when it comes to all right this is after messy. I don't even know if this was the first I of the second goal but here we doesn't matter born in a is it a cresting wave as pummels the beaches that are Madrid be U._S._A.. Be Crossfire Hurricane and he is jumping Jack Flash or C. born in a crevice of Argentina that was blessed by God. I'll tell you that last one is hood Sonian but it's not it's be cross by hurricane and he is jumping Jack Flash three two more for you. I believe this is also spawned from the messy winner. Okay all right here. We go this as cool as a bomb disposal expert on the run be as cool as a cucumber floating in a pool of ice or see as cool as as Dean Martin Artan in the back booth of a Las Vegas nightclub. Oh jeeze a bomb disposal expert on the run. Why on the run? Why did he feel the need to include that I would think that bomb disposal ing is a pretty tense Hans Aeschbacher Yeah? You need to be cool way way. See running if he's running. He's freaking everybody out and he's not a cam bomb disposal expert or no. That's not what we're supposed to. I got the wires confused. Your four for four. This is.

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