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Or top ten talent coming into college. What do you play? Those nine games, Oregon. His numbers were great and he expects to be a high first round pick even with the foot injury. Mid first round, and he goes to forty forty eventually goes to the Denver, which I think is a good landing spot, but it was excruciating. Yeah, I said, poorly produced and from a new poll son here he is one of twenty two guys. That's, that's who get selected to sit in what they call the green room. So they have to have a pretty good idea of where you're going to go. They missed by that much as a big miss. They said twenty two he. Owes forty four and I felt badly for this here little of North Carolina because see was dropping to twenty fifth and you went to poor using a pretty situations guy goes all the way to forty sitting there for. Disconnect work out, okay for bowl. There was blowing ice from Croatia out of the crowd to go to. Dan? What's next Kobe whites reaction that Cam Johnson getting picked at number eleven was blank Koby white had been drafted by the bulls. He's in near in the room having a press conference. And here's this reaction to his teammate. Cam Johnson getting picked by the sons. Cameron Johnson just went eleven teddy react to that news. He went would eleven came Audra living. Yep. Spread on the screen right there. Wow. Wow. Wow, bro. That's crazy. That's so love bro. Because y'all new Cam, you on a hard Cam work. Eight knows a lot of people doubt on, but wow. I'm just bro. It's such as crazy row. Wow. That's so crazy. I'm so happy for him right now. I don't understand how have for Cam 'cause he like he proved a night in night out. He deserves to be, you know, in the conversation for a lottery pig man. He shot the wall. Like anyone I've never seen before my life or play with, so I'm so while bro. That's I'm getting to you. You would think my word is going to be, wow, but it won't be. Wow, by the way. I love the bulls. Have an appointment with that kind of person. Yeah. It's Kobe west. We actually Cam Johnson being pick number eleven was sunny, because he's going to the Phoenix Suns where with Taizhou Rome, and Sarge. These guys were all acquired last night. Cameron Johnson six nine the best shooter in college basketball last year. I'm excited for the Phoenix Suns sunny is my work. Johnson ninety six three pointers last July word is gonna be uncool be like, because the real Brian, I never flinch that happy. We should I knew he was going eleventh, really that big of a deal. But I do that Kobe acts like that, because you can tell he loves his teammate in the one thing about all these guys, I Williams would rather talk about RG Barrington. Talk about himself. Same thing with Kobe, white right here that bodes well for the NBA all these guys have to play major roles. What's next last one Jack flare of the cardinals should feel blank about getting picked off with the game on the line humiliated. Humiliated, that's only come up with. Look Jack flirty who's a pitcher. He was put it as a pinch runner for yachting Molina, and it's a seven six game. And my she'll made all kinds of manager made all kinds of excuses, tried to take planes of oil, but he gets picked off. You gotta feel humiliated, and, you know, he was 'cause you see his face. He fell asleep. Frankie wasn't paying attention in that moment is sapping. The anybody even great athletes he stood on his knees sat there used us like humiliated, you look at the ground crews coming out, I said, it's familiar because this was the last out of the game on Saturday against the Mitch. He tried to score as a pinch runner from first on a blue p- single gets thrown out at home plate. Also the game recive base running error. And that's why he doesn't want to get off the field last night, because he does his teammates kill them, but falling asleep..

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