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So so yes, absolutely, and as I, said earlier, this should be no surprise or shopping NAS. The fact is that. For politics work everybody has to work the politics and that's what all of these individuals do I mean you can certainly take the point that all three of those gentlemen in particular Gerry Adams, Martin Lynch and Poultry Wilson by now have ample experience in conducting negotiations and making agreements across divide. But by most analyses, they are all at least former members of the IRA Omni. Not See how they're continuing presence Incheon. Firings orbit still make some people a bit nervous. No way cans and unless unless there is. The. Kind of mischief-making on mixing the ozone sometimes has an affect our beyond what what I'm say no. No, I don't i. mean the later of Archie. And contrary to those that would have you believe otherwise I am actually in charge I mean that's the best way I assure you I'm not kind of bossy boots or any kind of dictator kids might disagree from time to time but I actually been even collective leadership on an open democratic today. But I am the leader Party and I expect every member of the Party north-and-south nationally to. Act in the best interest of pursuing in deepening the peace process and pursuing our objectives are openly stated democratic objectives and every citizen who is interested mashing wants to contribute to touch. It's great to join the Party and you know at aim debonair was in the IRA Michael Collins a revered hero of many and rightfully so was perhaps the most route to the IRA soldier that there was at a we have a history art a history on your own side announced swear of people who have been involved in Warren conflict pursuing politics listen. The. Rice approach at war is is the failure of politics. and. Political Activism uh-huh. The kind of politics that we have built here it is proof positive that you can find other ways as of what seems to be intractable conflict into very, very positive initial activism and can I also say I know I know for the audience will be listening to this This, in the nicest possible way, if we want to choose bogeyman or bogey women on either side, we can all play that game. I mean we can all do this. I think that's an exercise in pointless actually think it's dishonest on I. Think it's it certainly justin serve all of the wonderful being both that we represent and people who want a good night and by the way he wants a peaceful I want to really good relationship..

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