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If you've been along this far go ahead and check this out stewart yeah flavor is the key i mean i said it last week i'm not expecting oscars i know the actresses and played this role have won them but this is not going to get anyone a statue its formula what you want is for it to not feel impersonal that's what i begged after cradle of life do this again give me some flavor and that's exactly what they've done they've given a thoughtful remake of the first movie calculated so that it makes a lot more sense there's a premium placed on logic and give us an action star who is more than a maxim pin up or a fast and furious groupie she's a real person thrust into impossible circumstances and she survives i mean i do think the daddy reconnection story line is boring but if they make another one they're not going to do it and i think it's better than what voight and jolie did and so i won't dig the movie too hard for that it will change your life but it will pass the time nicely and i'm just grateful in this retrospective where it has been scarlet red arrows that i could fire one upwards and say mild recommend this is clearly the best tomb raider movie ever not saying whole lot and and lisa von gander did tremendous i believed every bit of her agony and struggle and bleeding and fighting and stealth thing and pain i went with her when she was happy doing the fox hunt i went with her what she was agonisingly drowning a man and i went with her at the end when she realizes the diplo city she is a really good lara croft but in the end this movie is similar to what justice at before it's right there with some of the better resident evil's in that it's perfectly competent action but there's nothing special you're about the resident evil movies has a bit more special with the tack and the zombies here trinity feels like another name for brel and the action was really good except for some of the green screen that was two obvious in the two d but it wasn't special and i feel like the candor both in her jason bourne film and here.

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