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Names being tossed out there or san francisco forty niners senior football vice president. Adam peters Chicago bears assistant director of player personnel champ kelly and tampa bay buccaneers director of player personnel. John spider have having already surfaced as possibilities. That could be coming back one of the most popular names that we're seeing thrown out there already. It's peyton manning of course. Let's bring peyton manning back and i think everybody in colorado would be all for that move but not real sure Peyton manning has any desire of moving into a general manager role in or if the broncos have interest in peyton manning moving into that general manager role. But could you imagine a front office heading to the greatest quarterbacks that ever lived between peyton manning and john elway that would be. that'd be pretty interesting matt russell. Who was the broncos director of player personnel away called his Right hand guy also announced that he is retiring. so there's a big shakeup coming in the front office. What does this mean now. Well that means the drew lock. Future is still uncertain. Sure he will be reevaluated. By whatever general manager is hired by the denver broncos vic fangio. his future seems to at least be safe for now. He will be a part of the process of hiring a new general manager. so really i think The the big question marks remain around drew lock and company and what that what that will mean for him in his near future so The denver broncos making some off season news with john elway ceding control of the of the denver. Broncos and general manager position We're working our way through Sports headlines. I'm sure you heard it yesterday. The unc bears had a tough loss yesterday in montana after they hit a game winner Saturday against montana by bodey hume to pull off a great win on monday with a nine. Am tipoff they didn't have enough gas tanks recording sixteen turnovers. Did steve smileys club in a loss. Fifty six fifty four loss for the bears one that they had every opportunity. There is just a couple of mental airs. Made at the very end including boaty hume thinking that he could run the base line up and down that resulted in a turnover when he could not and then another turnover to wrap it up. So the uc pairs lose that game But the unc bears team has looked pretty good so far. It's a young squad again. A new head coach. And that's what. I will continue to bring to mind as we talk. Sports here on noko now is that there are a lot of young young talent talent on these teams but also. They haven't had a whole lot of time together. They've got a new head coach. Steve smiley and Give credit to steve smiley. That he hasn't made it feel like he's a new coach. And that's been rolling on the unc bears We'll we'll play on thursday at six thirty. They will take on man. Montana state at the time is five and four boaty hume averaging seventeen points per game. You heard us talk with kevin idol of about the rams basketball team. They were going to be back at on actually at action on thursday as well with taking on. Unlv so they'll be getting ready to roll the colorado buffaloes the tan boyle's team plays number seventeen oregon thursday night The buffaloes are a very good team again this year seven and three. They had a collapsed toward the end the end of last year but that can be forgotten about due to covid nineteen..

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