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But these are high draft picks they should be good but four net look good they lose alan robinson now that's a big loss and and bortles can't afford to lose anybody um i i'm not buying into jacksonville could they could they be a 500 team maybe maybe in that division maybe oh cling winning in tennessee was impressive and marche on lynch ifp at eighteen carries but it's not the number of yards it's what he does when he's running like he can he can emasculate you he he can he can take away your heart your spirit and he'd hennick a couple runs there um car look good tennessee i i got high hopes for tennessee and i didn't see it yesterday but you're not tap now no no no no no i'm not overreacting now on the king of not overreacting my job is to tell you not to overreact just to have a hotic how about an embassy a thin yesterday will or reaction the room to those games what what stood out to exist more bad football that that's what that was the common theme throughout was just bad football he efforts and we're tennissee the playing one of the top teams some we think that they read a couple of juba shot to get to the super bowl so you can get too down on and the times losing to oakland gotta pull question here mcclellin okay we're gonna bring back our dude questions and we knew posts football monday's okay so on the positive dude we have out of that sound poly a positive dude raiders who is my biggest overreaction i wish i'd pick the for super bowl matthew stafford packers defense mm cowboys defense an rams tj watt the star of the day all tj watt love uh on the internet oh i know is over while no truce accent an interception at i.

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