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Of business i'm your host kevin prize holy excited i get to go deep today with author robin barth dr robin brooke she is managing director of an organ of a company called analytic this is where we're talking to you about the problem of social media what is with our data and really how big brother flex that we've seen for meal or william threats and even even further back in the scifi none of them compared to what's happened in reality what we before we get agnew a conversation robin tells a little bit about your mom does kinda give us a panoramic overview of your services in the type of businesses and clients you work with sure oh my doctorate is in artificial intelligence and machine learning i have a particular specialty in understanding what's called human data or unstructured data by can teach software to understand the use of english or some other language in the way that we understand it with all the things that aren't said that we know are really meant but i work with companies who are trying to figure out what their data strategy should be and how to get the best analytic results from the data that are relevant to their business because you know the world is changing very rapidly and that means that marketplaces are changing and there are opposed to us threats and new opportunities for business as a result so analytics can help yeah you you spend much time watching mark zuckerberg being drilled by congress do you see much of that what do you think will you know what's the gap between members of congress who what they think they know and and how the theory of the situation really is on facebook site most members of congress neither understand how these software systems work nor what the practical implications are on ted cruz went to the immediate most relevant legal issue for litigation and actually stumbled because at that point he said yes we're responsible for content that makes him publisher that means facebook is open to lawsuits they forget you know he was a solicitor general of the state of texas that was one of the highest winning rates in presenting in front of the supreme court of any ever also.

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