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Space watch movies. Wait a minute. Isn't that why I made this space? It's like all I can do. What the shop make furniture now. This is stupid. Why am I doing this? Just funny to think about sorry. I didn't mean to derail you in that man. That was good. That was a good tangent for. I guess I think for a lot of our projects. If they're bigger they become such a central part of our lives for so long. You're saying when is a gun you know like this is something weird like when did the high boy? That's that's like a so much space in my shop right for so long and then I got out of there like what does all this space. I have now bigger can do with my life relaxed now with crazy. No I'm going to build twenty spice boxes bell to okay. I guess we'll actually the shitty our first tip for spring cleaning. Finish the projects that you have floating around before you start the next one. Actually it is twenty because as to will the outside case is nine interior boxes for each of them so does actually twenty see that mark. I I did the math already. There's a new show titled Mark. Was Right there. You go doesn't happen often but I'm taking this one to win all right so Shannon alluded to our our main topic. It is springtime. It's a good time to go into the shop and clean some things clean out some filters and stuff maybe do some organization which is always fun. This time of year you could actually put the open up the windows while at least for me. Open up the windows open the garage door. Get some nice cross ventilation some fresh air that we could far more and no one is bothered by it. It's amazing when you work with another person. How sudden normally bothered by the person I work with we actually have a designated farting corner. I.

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