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Cigarette flush got some inside akiba steven bad says he had any ties amazing wall's going to say no worries quinsam there he's got a sun's out there first data reception by one of the best wide receivers of in asia gets to the marker looks like a good catch to me and i think they're going to take a look at a my corona on a pair of is completed pads purse downplays under here the today go to syracuse and miami area of donji just broke off a longrun hurdled the guy and wound up ii than he did actually being him in the chest thretaway tough guy actually she down fourteen here in the third some years ago in the rule book is a penalty to hurdle anymore mom kids response that's harrys touch staff we got a one possession and again not a response by sarah tears take a look at the police in the discipline here legarrette dungy to continue to ride that play fake out watch these two the figure cheer for miami is the played folds abuse right that they could he's right that bacon they freeze and they hesitate louis freeze the it you won't see that at any stand sheet or anything there's a couple occasions there were gonna need you struggling thrown the ball nor interceptions that he's ever been used to his career to get the poisoned the patience of the discipline there continued to do the little things right to help his offense the guts of eric dungy on that dr banged up as we saw in the back of that knee as we saw to get the job done on that drive on the ground and he has the bulk carrier on several picked play this was one of the biggest coastal carolina an app stayed at state of one thirteen minutes to go here in the fourth and they will get the touchdown touchdown.

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