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So we make sure that the remedies being done or purifying remedies in something so in that way, we construct the remedies four what's going on based on these indications that Russia has given. Okay. And is this also got or or we integrate that planet in a healthy way into our life. So it's practical, and if we don't wanna change to do with that planet wants there's other ways to to work with that planet. Right. I mean, it reminds me of a little bit of what you mentioned earlier with Arya veta- where sometimes, you know, if a person has certain propensity for a certain type or a certain medical type that you'll do offsetting things in order to counteract and balance things out and that the ideas to move away from extremes because it's when you go to extremes that's win. The body gets a balanced, but instead you're trying to find balance in some way in the life. Exactly. Then that just made me think of end. So there's a concept that this energy has to be in the life. It has to be there in some way. And so if we don't bring it in then like today, for example, I had a woman who she had a flicked Venus can jump the sun. And so I had her do a donation to women who are trapped and needing self-empowerment so self empowerment, son, women Venus, and it was in the twelfth house. So there's this trapped energy so women who were maybe traffic or abused or something where they're trapped some donating to organization that's helping liberate them and empower them so that energy of this afflicted Venus with the sun is in her life. But it's in her life as a donation. It's not in her life is something she suffering. Sure. So that's the whole philosophy underlying remedial measures or mitigating things in Vegas in Indian astrology that the energy's gonna manifest somehow. So you might as well find way to do that actively yourself by doing something that matches the symbolism of the placement that's being activated in your chart, and if you do that, then you may have some more control over it than versus just letting it happen to you in a way that might be not as personally what you might want subjectively versus something else. Exactly. So so these are ways that we work with feeling with the negative situations that the planets bring up, and they mentioned the beginning help people can just print out. These visuals Redonda put it on the fridge and just pay attention in that paying attention if they're about to enter. Mercury time period, they can donate to kids education, if they're about to enter a Venus time period, they can donate to just the women shelter, and it can be you know, it's good to be donating. No matter what to positive things in society..

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