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Mayor of north american tour in eight years and never stadium tore in twenty years the mary vail baseball park has been the milwaukee brewers cactus league home since 1998 but brewers executive vice president bob quinn says in a statement the team understands there will be a lot of community support for the brewers to move to gilbert the gilbert chamber of commerce is working to analyze the benefits the cactus league stadium when also said that he was continuing to work with the city of phoenix oh longterm deal that would keep demon mary vail ever more than fifty minutes away from today's top stories on arizona's news station ktar news yeah the fat darren debbie ktar news ninety two three remember i made the prediction this is three sets would be a very good time for president trump to make some recess appointments so he doesn't have the congress blocking him all the time because he doesn't even have the republicans on his side well apparently people heard about that because in washington their day of now protected brought bob moeller from being fired during a recess or any other time and he also put out a bipartisan bill in order to block president trump from making any a recess appointments yeah there are actually going to have a pro forma meeting every three days for the senate meaning they'll get no business done which is i guess no different than any other did that they're ashley in session probably won't even be any sender's air anything but they'll very briefly call the senators order nobody will be there in october a very briefly adjourned a.

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