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Again, this guy who almost got 30 goals two years ago. So he knows how to school the goal is to jerk yourself in those spots more and more consistent rate. Cuz I think they'd rather him, you know score every couple of games than you know, have three and four games and then all of a sudden he doesn't have a goal in 14 games. It's just kind of evening out that production a little bit for him. So that is that. Those are my three you still have one left correct reading the last yeah, and I'm going with Charlie McAvoy getting legitimate Norris Trophy and consideration which I think again, it's a tough kind of gig to be in because there's a lot of very very talented defenseman. Not only establish veteran guys have been out there but you look at hey scanning and you look at Quinn Hughes and you're a guy from UMass Lowell or whatever school was he's he's pretty good. You know, it's it's a sec. But I think you look in that component of his game and the responsibilities going to deal with this. Yeah. I mean, he's probably going to be averaging twenty four twenty five minutes a night this point right you look at the ad imagine Chris lake has the first dibs on my first powerful unit. But I'm sure McEvoy is going to get more more looks there as well. I think you know lausanne for the artist at the air but wage, I think regardless of who it's going to be a Big Mac of is going to have a lot more freedom to you know, jump up into the play to you know to be a little more creative with the pocket. I think that's going to do wonders for him cuz he can we talk about all the time of how terrible he was last year cuz he didn't score a goal even though he took more than two minutes to look at all the rest of his numbers and how good he was, you know should really give a shit. But how many goals he scored at go? He sucks. He didn't struggle until February. I got exactly so but regardless if people who, you know, take the the time to, you know, gauge guys be on goals. Sure, he'll get more goals out of the gate anyway, because he's going to be able to be more confident with the puck because I mean I think you saw him down the stretch in the regular season and during the bubble just how much of GrooVe um, and so I think with the added responsibilities again, these not going to be a guy who this was a full 82-game season. He's going to be like a 60-point guy as a defenseman, but I think his name is defensively in transition at 5 and 5, especially even if he's a guy who won't an 82-game pays. It was like thirty-five forty points. I think his values evident. I think a lot more people are picking up on that when you look at just how much he impacts a game. Exactly. No, I totally agree. I think macevoy is absolutely going to get Norris attention and you know from a poem effective. I expect him 25 to 30 in that realm, especially on that first pairing, especially with you know, a little lausanne is more mobile. I think that's a position with lausanne where you you could easily see change, you know, you can log Big John Moore go up there. You could see Grizzly go up there that can I back in nine inch..

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