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All albert had to do was be patient iin stein was thrilled to celebrate he in malaysia set out on vacation to lake como for a romantic getaway he wrote to her saying bring my little blue dressinggown so we can wrap ourselves up in it i promise you an outing the likes of which you've never seen this would lead to einstein 's darkest secret miliver in einstein's trip was magical but it brought with it an unexpected surprise malifa was pregnant which was quite a scandal for the time in order to preserve her lover's integrity mileva fled to novi sad to have the baby in january 1901 mileva gave birth to lease or all einstein albert einstein wouldn't go see malaysia and lease or although opting to stay in baron working he hoped he'd find a better job soon and support his new child sometime time later miliver returned to ban to join einstein it is unclear whatever happened to lisa real think mileva gave the child to her friend helen sovic others say the child died of scarlet fever one popular theory is that lisa role survived her scarlet fever but was blinded she was then raised by a different family and lived well into the 1990s under the name zorka though this has never been confirmed einstein never got a chance to see her a tragic afterwards mileva went into a bit of depression finally albert received some good news on june twelve nineteen oh to the patent job and barron came through albert was finally employed the job actually turned out to be better than 9 could have hoped it was relatively easy afforded him lots of time to work on his own theories any earned more money working there than he would've as a junior professor in hindsight working as a patent clerk was probably the best thing that could have happened einstein the work was easy with einstein finishing most of his duties in the morning and getting the afternoon to work on his theories for once it look like things were going albert's way.

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