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All in this together right yes B. C. right shoulder Newton stand well you could see children dirt they don't care for their kids I don't do that but I have no way of knowing whether that's true or not as Ross just pointed out yes Donna what's up good morning KCNA to take away from the great pancake debate but I wanted to call about the new Twitter feature and I've noticed well the first person that I've noticed using it is Mister potato head Brian Stelter it's a line that you would get ratios on the regular he does he absolutely does then he deserves to I just find it amazing that this suppose a journalist of course use the term widely here is an annoying to in the first amendment and yet doesn't doesn't respect for others you know they want to target people you know they want to pontificate and they don't want any criticism whatsoever in turn into interactive website it's ridiculous you know in the end and you know frankly I think that there's things that Twitter is done over the years but I think it's one of those things which eliminates I want a a fundamental part of what Twitter provides because it's not just the arguing politically Twitter provided an opportunity for Joe blow who's you know sit at home bear fifteen pancakes to survive to have the potential to it but but to have the potential to be heard from somebody who is a celebrity or sports icon or right you know any of those things and if you're if you're a celebrity now you know if why why would you have comments on if you don't have to still be able to communicate so it you run the risk of eliminating that are not yet a political atmosphere so and it's funny too I don't I noticed that the feature is available to everyone no well I side right now it's a beta to beta so they're just kind of hand selecting who gets to use yeah beta yeah it is all right Donna thank I keep hitting the button to Quakertown Ruskin other breaking news founder I'm so excited aha.

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