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You just look at the size and weight. We have talked about this before. Where, once he kind of matures and fills out a little bit, works out in the off season and Puts himself in a good position. Physically wise, hey, is going to be a dominant force in the NHL Draught Center Ice motto will fire it down the left boards and behind the Oiler net. Ethan Bare. Spends it back around on those same boards to center ice to dry cycle in a Silver Hawk line. Left wing drops it off. The nurse who fires for the left wing boards off the tip of Crawford's glove and picked up behind the net by Motta. The cuckoo in the near corner. He'll jam it off the right wing glass out to center ice nurse took it back for the Oilers spins it ahead for Tyler Ennis, who with a lacrosse type of snap just flipped it down into the Hawks. Hawks get the puck back. Cuckoo. Its center ice is Redirected back into the hawk zone by Yamamoto. Hands it off Tomato Gonna pass up the right wing to camp into the Oilers only turns the center the puck nobody. There it slides all the way across the rink to dry, sidle dry cycle. Can't shake the cheque of camp in front of the Hawks bench right side will put it back across. Arsenal feed it down the boards behind the hawk net, spun around by the hot but not out and then at the line on hustling play, thereby Mannheim or to kick the puck away from Cliff Bob. And poke into center ice, forcing the Oilers to regroup with the puck is shot over the near glass by McDavid's. 13 17 left in period number three up in Edmonton. The Blackhawks have a 6 to 2 lead.

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