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And governor Charlie Baker and governor Gavin Newsom of California announced a friendly wager on the outcome of tomorrow's Super Bowl game between the patriots and the LA Rams governor Baker wagered volunteer hours by himself in the governor's office staff at a local charity should the Rams pull off an upset. Governor Newsom is also wagered his staff and his staff time volunteering at a local, California charity. The governor is leaving for Atlanta today with three of his pals from swamp, Scott they have been getting together since the snowball game in two thousand one against the raiders to watch the New England Patriots on Sundays. Well, it's eleven eleven and it's time now for sports Charlie Birger on his oh, Chris pharma is here. Charlie Brown me. This. It's always a delight. So what do you got? Well, we've got a big game tomorrow. In fact, we're just one day away the Super Bowl in Atlanta patriots. And the Rams as we just heard bowl teams with one goal in mind. The goals Theresa top. And only one team really reaches the top top. We're pretty close QB Tom Brady. He's been to the top four or five times to be exact he's vying to be the first in NFL history to win a six Super Bowl patriots as an organization five and five all time in the title game. They should have all hands on deck. Ball teams with full participation in practice yesterday. Elsewhere Steve Futterman failed to mention a couple of minutes ago. Patriots Tylar and Richard Seymour. Among that group to be considered for enshrinement in the hall of fame. The announcement tonight hockey Bruins arrive today, they'll be back in action tomorrow tough task they'll be in Washington. Take on the capital's Bruins have lost their last fourteen to the defending champions couple of games on the ice today Edmonton, add Philadelphia, New Jersey will take on Montreal Celtics also returned to action tomorrow, they'll also play in the afternoon at two o'clock start is they'll take on Oklahoma City college basketball. B's at Colgate. At one o'clock at two o'clock, Boston College hosts Notre Dame other local teams in action today. Holy Cross providence. URI you mass UMass Lowell and northeastern finally in golf Ricky Fowler owns a one shot lead after two rounds at the Phoenix Open. Chris Palmer WBZ Boston's NewsRadio winter.

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