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All the sudden, I cut a couple tracks with Jason and Vic and Mike and it came out. Honestly, so good. I mean trust fund babies one of them. And it's like I just went down. I got I got to make a whole record. And the easiest part of it was as soon as I came up with the concept. It's like this world is we all know is going crazy. I I'm I'm just shocked about what happens in life everyday things. I see on the news things people are talking about what kind of music going on. So I decided to write a concept record about the way. I see the world. How things are this? This record is about money. It's about greed. It's about enlightenment, and it's the truth comes out of the whole thing. So when I came up with the feeling of what I really was trying to say about how money everyone thinks money's the root of all evil, but you can change the world you can feed the poor with money. You can you can take sick people and get them Haas. You know, get them to the hospital and take care of their medical expenses. You can do so many great things as money. It has nothing to do with money. It's got to do with greed and greed is what's killing, you know, this whole world and everything else without it. We wouldn't be wars or wouldn't be as many hungry people that wouldn't be as it just a much better place. So when I figured out what I wanted to talk about this was easiest record ever made my life. It was just like oh, man. Everyday wake up with a new idea. I all have to do if I got in a stunt in slump is I turn onto frigging news you go. Okay. I got into topic here. You know? So it was just so much fun making this record that I could care less about like saying, oh, maybe maybe I'll have a gold record or this or that. I wanted to be success. Yes. Faisal in this day and age, but six success in this day and age it'd be probably hundred thousand records and everybody was Sam Senate. I'll tell you one better success.

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