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I'm really happy with this world record. Josiah chapter guy. He said the men's world record of twelve fifty one of the race last year. He defended his title in thirteen. Thirteen a requirement clarity twenty-four-year-old ugandan ran at or near the from from the gun. But it was clearly on. The conditions would not be conducive to a series on his year old record so even more impressive. I guess for the women's world record even though won't by one second and do you know if she was to know if she was she was wearing. Oh the shoes. I believe i believe. Hang on. i'll tell you we'll tell you her picture. Yes she was wearing. Netcom comment a new women. Women's record run in australia in january women's park run world best was previously held. Charlotte arta was taken by scottish born athlete. Lauren read it. Was that the paramedic park run in sydney. of course which is not completely flat. Lauren reed ran fifteen forty five. That's pretty good. isn't it. Fifteen forty five new record afterwards. Charlotte artists at records. Are there to be broken. I'd like to congratulate lauren for her great run and for breaking the record s you whispered to herself but i'll get it back. I love. i did that last bit. She didn't actually say. I've just read on with the actually did say it. She said i'm sure no doubt i'll be back at park ground. Whatever i can go trying to reclaim the record. I think she said it through gritted teeth. She daddy yeah. Actually that cool. I went on to reach. She lauren. But i'm the course was when they originally talked about it. They said it was off road. Actually she could. She did say it was only the first fifty meters which is on grass in the last fifty se wasn't afraid mr quite impressive. Good good and then. Another would records gang with laura meal again. I didn't see this. But in the fifteen hundred meters british record of three fifty nine fifty eight. She lowered it to in a race. Which saw got off seagate. The indoor world record lowering consider baba's previous best way t seconds. The time of three fifty. Three zero nine was ruled for having with the fast pace the beginning of the race while the rest of the field raul conservative pace among those mule. I'm melissa courtney. Bryant who ultimately backed second and roj position. Yeah could ama racing isn't it is great season racing and to recent great times despite being able to raise or go away from your. It was lonely racist. She chased ck over the final few laps ultimately she could not a twenty five to gap quebec which dealt with remaining however mule produce the best in diplomats of korean when she regained enough. Yeah record which is breaking by january twenty twenty rapid right yeah purply rapid and and and both well for this year wherever that will take us for is and then the other bit of news. I'm found last show. We did talk about the london. Marathon ballot results coming out. I think it was on. The eighth wasn't of a february and so the results came out and then there was a big who because the london. Marathon website crashed was on the monday afternoon. As thousands of runners tried to find out if they were lucky in this year's bala followed in on twitter martin but fifty thousand people were basically pressing the same person on their laptops or their phones to find out whether they were in. Because i think this year. I don't know back in the day used to get used to a book in the post. Didn't you a magazine saying you're in or you're out where they don't do that now. It's only a few years ago. I know but i mean i wish they kept. I quite like that anyway. You did this thing where you got an email. It didn't say in iraq to press a link to it would say boom. You're in or sorry you're not. An startling link didn't work and so there was a little bit who are and lots of back and forth on twitter between different of the maratha organizers and it was just that it was actually quite funny wasn't it. It was quite funny. Matt not just american involve newport barazenka involved in but it was all in the best possible taste all investment. Remember it was i source of now. Mrs younger forty pounds on and then he know kenny efforts. Can you have the lady with somebody who is breaking at the time. That would probably be shut down now. Yeah i tell you what. They're not quite as good as i did. See something on social media. There's me spending less time on social media seeing something on social media. We too busy weetabix. Portland baked beans. Yes i did. I think i didn't see or what was that about. And it created this storm because it was like what happened was all the other brands started. Of course. this is a bit of a trend. Disney on social media now is a bit of brand banter. So these are these are the brands. Like marmite were coming on board and saying yes but what about mom and they started telling jokes about you know baked beans on we to bit other stuff you could on we- two bags and things like that. Even the are alike involved. They did and tweeted. Something like maeve got slightly wrong. Our cruiser used to dealing with high wind but certainly not prepared for this and and it got thousand ten thousands of likes to. Yeah anyway of course. Exciting that london marathon potentially could have well one hundred thousand thousand fifty thousand. People are able to participate on the streets of london in october and really everything is uncertain at the moment. Is it's kind of longing for for that kind of participation but at the same time the levels of uncertainty still quite high. I feel with lots of events that were shattered for the spring being postponed or canceled for this year including comrades in the week that comrades marathon twenty twenty one will not be happening. I mean there's was talk that it was going to september but they've just said no which i think is a good thing because so many other things going on and i'm still waiting for the mvp thing tap. There's a lot of talk about these races. Just having a leone races again. We'll see hamburgers. Just literally announce their they have an only only race now. So when's hamburg question. Feeling is eight call used to sap extensive spring races of certainly been like detonated him. They've really be very surprised if we see any mass participation races happening in spring. But we're very hopeful that we gotta keep everything crossed for a life that is returning to living with being able to live with covid at acceptable rate wherever that might look like you know and of course recognize. It's really serious for some people. But i'm hoping we'll be able to return to participation in in just a few normal things including running events fifty thousand people could do the virtual radin and fifty thousand people could do the london marathon.

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