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And the millions and millions of people great job today president is widely admired here in India for his pro business tough on terror image Steven Portnoy a CBS news New Delhi ten twenty twenty one K. Y. W. news radio well senator Bernie Sanders won big in Nevada now candidates are turning their attention to the South Carolina primary this weekend where a lot of voters are still currently undecided I know the time is at this point is a point that we don't get blind side or miscellaneous really examine the candidates truly to see what they represent crossing with us no after Sanders victory in Nevada former vice president Joe Biden will need to score big this weekend to keep his campaign alive headed into super Tuesday this is Danya Bacchus is in Charleston South Carolina political experts say this race can give the winner a crucial boost it's really gonna be I think a tiebreaker it's going to be a gateway to the super Tuesday states that are coming just three days later Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is surging after a big victory in the Nevada caucuses but a prominent South Carolina lawmaker expressed skepticism about his politics south Carolinians are printed leery about that title socialist it's taxes on billionaires Sanders defended the cost of his programs on sixty minutes when you help the billionaires and help wall St Hey of course we can pay for it that's what America's supposed to be about well I disagree seven candidates will square off tomorrow in a debate hosted by CBS news and the congressional black caucus institute we have got problems leaving the airport right now will check with the traffic center in a moment it.

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