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Moral statement. It's a factual statement. I've got news for him. Ransomware and sex trafficking are already illegal. Yeah they're already regulated and by the way china-made bitcoin usage illegal recently. And what's the price doing so well. They say they made it illegal. I don't know to what extent they really did. There's always stuff from china about cryptocurrency. I think there are central. Their central banks said that it wasn't allowed or something like that. I don't know to what extent they're central bank has has not allowed reminded. You're not allowed to have exchanges. And you're not as i understand it not allowed to use it personally like to buy things. Wow that's pretty them. Yeah it's banned Jay diamond did admit. The jp morgan clients are interested while he himself doesn't care about bitcoin his customers do and in july. The bank said that lots of its clients crypto as an asset class. They wanted to invest in by august. Jp morgan was offering. Sticks crypto investment funds to their clients i-imagine. Jamie diamond is buying bitcoin. Just being very very quiet about it being he'd be stupid if not lowered a tougher. Tonight you can join us in the meantime over at social dot freetalklive dot com. That's our own social media server social freetalklive dot com breaking weather news releases sunny around eighty two degrees every day this week. What's the forecast for your life. If current politics and economic prospects are cramping your freedom escape to the tropics do you development has affordable second homes for you to own or rent in believes and other tropical countries places was stable governments and growing economies. Secure your freedom now to find out more sent an email to f. t. l. at eci development dot com and. We're back with another edition of rich ease review. A coming at you as always. I am your free talk. Live correspondent mr richie rich. And today i'm joined by. Sean patrick hazlet coming out with the same book that we talked about about a year ago. Weird world war three. So welcome back to the review. Sean thank you. It's a pleasure to be here again. So this i we talked a little bit about Before we hit the record button here. And i talked to. I guess the person in charge for the the marketing campaign. Did we already do this book. And she goes yes but they're releasing it again so tell me a little bit more about that process You know it's a. It's a new mass market. Paperback coming out and so people who weren't able to pick it up in the last year. Get another shot at it. That's right so typically when you first launched a book it's in either hardback or something called trade paperback and that just means the book is a little bit bigger more expensive to buy The trade paperback is something that used to see. Kind of your maybe still doing your grocery stores at various Airport s- things like that. That are on racks and their pocket size. And they're a little bit cheaper to produce and they're also cheaper to buy so as an example. If you wanna pick up weird world war three today. When it's mass paperbacks released in a late this month it'll cost you you know less nine dollars whereas the trade paperback will be around sixteen. So it's a nice easy portable way to get it aside from e book which is already has been Well available for for almost a year. Now yeah i was. I was going to ask that because ever since e-books kind of hit the mainstream I personally stopped purchasing a lot of paper books right i i can get electronically now. I'll just do it that way. So i mean so. That's the thing. But so is the trade paperback still as popular as it used to be like. Do you notice a lot of that. You know people picking it up at the airports type of thing or is it. She'll be focused more on the the electronic side of things as we move toward the future. Well i think it just depends on your preference right so i myself. I like having the tactile experience of thumbing through actual paper and things like that. I also don't like running out of batteries and also like the you know the the the The intensity of the light is from a device. And you also get glare from from outside so now while while it's far vastly superior from transporting you probably transport thousands of books that way very lightly right but that's one of the reasons man. I had so many books on my bookshelf. And i go. Nope i have one device now replaces all of it but even myself like. I actually read a lot more physical books. I just it's just a preference in. That's one of the things you know. Books have been around for awhile and that was a big fear in early on was that would have four matches completely. Replaces physical books and the fact of the matter is it. Hasn't because there's still a lot of people who prefer reading. I'm amazed by my sister is only three years younger than me and she prefers physical books. My mom as well is is a physical abuse. And i just. I don't know what's wrong with you. People like look at this. It's in the palm of my hand and at you know part of me thinks like they're in the minority and we're moving toward the future but i'm slowly begin to realize that i'm in the minority and just well ahead of the curve at this point. Least i'd like to think so well. The scary thing too is that you know if everything were to go to digital and then something crazy happens like electromagnetic an electromagnetic pulse right you lose thousands or millennia. Donald dominy like how many years but you lose. You would lose a ton of historical records right so you kind of need to have both as my view. Because the the issue with papers at deteriorates over time and things like that digital record but you also need to have and there's a historical precedent of them burning books exact so i go eire's right like the library. The library alexandria right but yeah destroys thousands of years of history. So i you know my views. I it's it's just like a backup and so it's a way to preserve knowledge in in it's advantageous to do both ways. Okay i'll accept it as back. There's there's a book. I don't remember the title of it that My wife has bought multiple copies of To give out his gifts but it's an out of print book so i get prohibitively more expensive every time she does this. I go by one good one and digital you actually rates raise an intriguing point because then there's there's that issue there are books that With with the the shift of market power to certain certain companies there are books. That won't be reprinted because of this whole cancel culture so older books that reflect the time and circumstance their their publishers. Now in the in the horror industry or industry as an example. And i don't want to say you know names of companies books but they've had books delisted that were written in the nineteen fifties because of spokane's it. So that's the that's also slow partly linked to digital. You can also do that to physical books. We just have vendors. That won't carry them and that to me is working. Yeah and that's one of the reasons. Why i like bain The publisher bain books because they offer digital copies. Drm free right. So i think you own it you own it and if it gets canceled it can be historically preserved The politically correct way of saying that it can be disseminated regardless. Because you don't have to worry about the copyright software infringing on your ability.

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