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Sometimes that like it's naturally balanced on what the best strategy is select when something like that comes out that far and away the best thing to do. It's like any of the other place cells. Just get watered down and watered down watered down until like the heroes. Just a fucking husk of like this is the only way to play it by divine rapier and obviously got eventually but like that that that hurts sometimes clings with maelstrom right. Now right like it's just well speaking of that purge do you think of the. The current patch clinks his fucking disgustingly broken. I don't say that lightly. And i don't say that often he's fucking disgustingly broken. His burning brush is seventy fucking mana. Seventy manatee clear an entire creep wave at like twelve minutes into the game with like one or two lasts afterwards. You can clear an entire stack you can do. Like two of those declared into seventy man. It's insane he is zero mana needs. He's got a one point. Seven five mana region talent at ten that needs to be removed force fucker to buy a ring or like a bottle or fucking something clarity's maybe because like you get away with so much so and he's also got three..

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