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Tell us about the new season. Second city. Sorry. Can't hear you. OK, tell us about the new season sex in the city. Nothing yet If the call them and just like that, and we haven't started shooting the writer from building up What do you think I'll start coming? Why not try anything bad happens. Well in that picture. You started looking for the fourth girl yet casting for that It's It's not quite as for brother wind inside, she goes, It's not quite as if you can hear There's a lot of ambient noise with New York. About bottom line, Adam from TMZ said. Hey, when you going to cast the fourth girl and escape, he said, it's not as black and white is that she goes. We're not really looking for 1/4 character. New York is the fourth character and then she goes on to say they have a lot of new characters. That they're thinking of that. They're very excited about. Um So, uh, I don't know. Somebody brought up an idea yesterday, and I think it was Kendall over on the talk show. She thinks instead of killing off, Samantha What they may do is explain that Samantha Has moved. She's like in London or somewhere. She's left her PR business to somebody new, like, who was her PR firm has been left to a new person. And that is the person who will be a new friend to the ladies in advance the story, But Kendall just thinks they're gonna move her out, which is realistic. Mean Samantha Samantha moved to L A. When we open sex in the city, the movie, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. Friends move. I mean, no matter how tight knit, tight knit How titan that Samantha Very Jason's very no matter how tight Mitt Your friend group is sometimes career and life takes you down a different river. And so that would be realistic. S so maybe they're going to do that. Maybe that's all. You know, less permanent change, because then, if she ever did decide to come back, which Kim? Let's just be honest. Let's put a nail America. It's never gonna happen, But I don't think they'll replace or either because then it'll always be this person compared to Samantha. You know, I just think they'll Have a lot of side characters like they did in the past and you know Well, it'll be the core three. Or maybe maybe a gay man. That's the only thing that I could imagine. Have two to choose from. They have their their best friends. So I you know, Kendall also brought up a name that I thought, Wow, if you're trying to fill the sexual free Character, or, you know, the one that is a little more, you know, because the three year paired off now, Um, if you're looking for a woman in her fifties, Vanessa Williams Woman of color. Uh, obviously knows her way their way around a script and I thought she's a good one. She would be a really, you know, but is she too obvious? You know, Vanessa has been a go to for a lot of shows whenever they need help Desperate Housewives She's popped up on other writers. Yeah, I mean, Vanessa is the go to woman, So maybe it's a little too obvious, but I don't know, but but listen to Sarah. They don't need they're not looking for 1/4. They're not going to replace her. In any way, meaning they're not going to have another actress portray Samantha and they're not looking to get 1/4 friend just to make it for women just to feel like you're fit that formula. Yeah, because it worked then. But you know, new combinations always work. So why not try something different? Yeah. Especially sold. You killed Samantha, Or would you just have her? I keep going back and forth. I keep going back and forth. When Kendall brought up the idea of Samantha just moving to Europe or something. I thought that's relatable and and that's realistic. That's not His in? Don. I'm sure someone that's written screenplay. You don't want to go with the obvious thing. You don't want to insult the audience, and I don't think And betray the character. I don't think moving Samantha to explain a mover to Europe to explain her absence is betraying the character. I don't think it's insulting to the audience. I think it's a reasonable Device to use Tol Splain her absence and I think if you do anything else is just gonna bring too much attention to that. It's e mean she's she is a part of the show. But It's not like I mean, they all are important. You know what I mean? It's like to put so much attention on one that's like you don't know. Until we do the show without her. It's just 1/4 of the show where you don, have you watched any more dawn? By the way, everyone is watching sex and the city basically for the first time, or have you watched any more? Yeah, I'm on Episode eight On the first. He's sure you're blasting through McLane. This is what McClane does The girl she watched all of Real Housewives of Atlanta in an afternoon. I mean, she did in game of Thrones. Remember? I started from the beginning. You hear that? Yeah. Oh, my goodness. So, yeah, it's I'm excited to see Oh, my God. Jason! Lex, your flex Flex yer Your smoke detectors chirping. Lex just jumped O Hey, was that you, Jason? Or is that Lexus things? Jason, Jason, just random. They're so sweet. She's gone ahead. Right now. I can't even see you can't even.

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