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When the engine of you'll be with us next week for our special country show a special country Chris thanks to Steven for doing the engineering thing for Bob for letting her effervescent presents to the studio thanks all you folks out there in radio land for the last three hours with listen to back to the country W. O. R. T. of an eight and I'm hoping that in Madison Wisconsin we'll see you next week song please well the thing I have a dole can't see now we the south we own brand BBC news with soon Montgomery a sharply divided US house of representatives is considering the articles of impeachment against president trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress Republicans have argued the process is a sure runs but opening the debate to the democratic speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi said Mr trump was an ongoing threat very sadly now our founders vision of a Republic is under threat from actions from the White House that is why two day as speaker of the house I solemnly and sadly opened the debate on the impeachment of the president of the United States if we do not act now we would be derelict in our duty it is tragic that the president's reckless actions make impeachment necessary he gave us no choice Mr trump is accused of pressurizing Ukraine to investigate his democratic political rival Joe Biden and obstructing approved by Congress Nick Bryant is on Capitol Hill the impeachment of Donald Trump is not a foregone conclusion he'll become only the third president in U. S. history to be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors this morning Republicans on Capitol Hill tried to slow that constitutional process down but they don't have the numbers to stop it so in a vote the will go largely along partisan lines the Democrats will use that majority in the house of representatives to pass two articles of impeachment accusing Mr trump of abusing his presidential power and of obstructing Congress not one Republican is expected to turn against the president the United Nations food agency says Somalia is facing its worst invasion of locusts in twenty five years if the opium has also been affected Mary Harper reports the food and agriculture organization said the desert locusts to devour tens of thousands of hectares of crops and grazing land food is now in short supply and the livelihoods of farmers the nomads threatened the FAA said conflict in many parts of Somalia had made it impossible to carry out what it described as the ideal control measure of spraying insecticides from planes the daughter of ilum Toti a weaker intellectual imprisoned in China has accepted the top European human rights prize on his behalf but said she didn't know if he was still alive he is senior Hopson ill Humm told he is serving a life sentence in China he was found guilty of separatism in twenty fourteen accepting the Sakharov prize from the European Parliament jury it'll have his only child said she was grateful for the chance to tell her father's story because he could not she added she did not know where her father is juror in hunting night that her father had ever advocated independence for scenes young the region in China's northwest where most weaker is live and up to a million are held in detention camps world news from the BBC congregational prayers have been offered to the principal mosque of Indian administered Kashmir for the first time since early August there have been no worship at the ancient Jamil mustard and stern ago since daily imposed a security come down and scrapped the autonomy of cashmere a local man said that when he heard the call to prayer his happiness knew no bounds but the saddest thing was that the Kashmir dispute remained unsolved in Spain thousands of Catalan separatists are demonstrating outside Barcelona football club stadium ahead of el Clasico the clash with fierce rivals real Madrid the match which will start later had to be postponed in October following protests in Catalunya over the jailing of nine pro independence leader is often leave reports real Madrid and Barcelona of Spain's most successful teams the rivalry is famed worldwide and the match is known as el Clasico outside the stadium the castle and pro independence groups tsunami democratic disorganized a mass demonstration at each corner of the ground the group which is classed as a criminal organization by Spanish officials claims more than twenty five thousand people are taking part many have blue banners with the words Spain sit down and talk protest is also planning a visible protest inside the stadium during the televised game reports.

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